SUPERNATURAL: 4.10 – Heaven and Hell – Recap


Last week, we were left hanging when Castiel and Uriel busted in, with a death warrant for Anna. The reason was unknown, until tonight.  

The boys wondered what the angels’ reasoning were to kill an innocent girl. They said she was anything but innocent, which through the brothers off.  When the angels got impatient, and went for Anna, only to get warped away when Anna worked up some sort of spell that sent the angels away.

Remember that psychic we saw in this season’s premiere? She was back in tonight’s episode.  She was there to dig up Anna’s past, see what they are dealing with.  After Anna’s body started to shake under hypnotic state, she woke up with her complete memory.  Apparently, Anna is a fallen angel.  When I say fallen, I mean, she literally fell out of heaven.

Apparently she was a pretty powerful angel.  She was Castiel and Uriel’s boss, but she chose to become human one day, and ripped out her grace, which is also something that fell to Earth.  I’ll explain later why she decided to return to Earth.  Sam opened up the old laptop and did a little Google search.  He found two meteors that fell to the earth one day.  One where Anna was born, and another in Kentucky.

Later, sitting outside, Dean asked Anna why in the world she would give up being an angel to become human.  She liked human emotions, all the good stuff you don’t get in heaven like physical and romantic love.  Things you share with one other person, instead of the all-knowing love that all angels share with God.  She continued to say that only four angels have seen the big man upstairs. The remaining angels just have to live off faith, and if you don’t have faith, you’re killed. Four…really?  Because I believe somewhere in the Bible, it says there is a judgment day, where when everyone dies, they meet God, and are judged.  Maybe I’m mistaken.

Sam found the location where Anna’s grace touch-downed.  Apparently a very old beautiful tree popped up at the exact location.  So off they went.  When they arrived, Anna knew it was where her grace landed.  She could feel it, but she also realized they were too late, her grace had been stolen.

Anna got word from the angels saying the brothers send Anna to the angels by midnight, or Dean is packing his bags, and going back to the pit.  Well, not completely sure of what to do next, Dean has a chat with Anna outside.  She told him she knew what happened to him after he died, what he went through, and comforted him.  By sleeping with him in the back of the car.  Meanwhile, Ruby visits Alastair the demon, offering him Anna.

While he was sleeping, Dean had a visit from Uriel.  Once again Uriel threatened to toss Dean into the pit, but this time he wasn’t afraid.  He told him to just send him down, cause he doesn’t break that easily.  Fortunetly, cause those Angels are so tricky, Uriel knew just what to say to break Dean.  He said he would kill Sam if he didn’t give Anna up.  That brotherly love never dies in this show.  Dean had no choice.  Bros before ex-angels.

AHA, the confrontation.  The next morning, Castiel and Uriel arrived to kill Anna.  But at the same time, Alastair arrived to drag her to the pit.  Angels and Demons, ladies and gentlemen, the ultimate fight. Uriel took one demon out, by using the force.  Castiel went against Alastair, but dang that demon is powerful, he had the upper hand.  He was about to kill Castiel when Dean saved him.  Then Anna found her grace, and broke it on the ground, sucking it back into her body.  Everyone had to shield their eyes, or they would melt like in Indiana Jones.  When she got very bright, it seemed as if she killed Alastair, but I wouldn’t bet on it just yet. Then she disappeared, along with two angry angels.

Well, the day was done, and the brothers had a chat.  Dean felt it was time to open up about his time in the pit.  Just like a page out of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Hell was like a different dimension, where the time is different.  While he was dead for four months, it seemed like 40 years to him!  Every single day, he had to go through a terrible ordeal that no one could imagine.  For 30 years this was the norm, until Alastair offered him the position of torturer.  So for 10 years, he was the one killing and ripping people apart.  Now he has to live with the guilt.


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