SMALLVILLE: 8.10 – Bride – Recap

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Can anyone say Cloverfield intro?  I am not saying slight similarities either.  Before the beginning credits rolled, it was exactly like the first few minutes of Cloverfield.  It was entirely filmed on a cam-recorder with crappy cuts.  There was a party in the beginning, celebrating a wedding.  Then the lights began to flicker, leaving everyone wondering what’s going on? We hear an obvious monster roaming the room. The camera starts running, and shaking, people are hurting. Cue the opening credits.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved this episode.  I’ve been waiting for Doomsday to make his entrance for a while.  But Lana decided to make her reappearance in the show, completely ruining it for me.  Seriously, the girl doesn’t know how to keep a show good.  But I’ll get to that in a little while.

S8-10-bride-promotional-photos-smallville-2813845-967-1450o we start off the episode with Lois planning the whole Chloe/Jimmy wedding.  Where is the wedding taking place might you wonder? Why the Kent barn of course, because nothing is more romantic then the stench of horse crap?  Who in their right minds would get married in a barn? I don’t even think farmers do.  Jimmy goes to see Chloe, even though he continued to rant on about how unlucky it is to see her before the wedding.  However, Chloe has been getting some voice mails from Davis, telling her not to go through with the wedding.

At what seems like the last second, Oliver went to s8-10-bride-promotional-photos-smallville-2813821-1450-967ee Clark to ditch Chloe’s wedding.  Why? Because Lex is alive, and he’s got a way to track him down.  Clark said he can’t abandon Chloe on her biggest day.  After whining like a little girl, Oliver somehow manages to get Clark to help.  He steals a router, but decides not to give it to Oliver until the wedding is over.  However, one of Oliver’s men somehow downloaded the information with wifi.  That sounds terribly similar to the device used earlier on in the current season of Prison Break.

So with that information, Oliver was able to track Lex down to an undisclosed location in Cuba.  As soon as he got there, he saw a bald man.  Obviously it had to be Lex right?  Because no one else in the world is bald. So he shot the man through the head with an arrow.  Alas, it wasn’t Lex, but a mannequin that had a note saying – “sorry I missed you.”  8-10-bride-promotional-photos-smallville-2813820-1450-967Out of the shadows popped my most disliked character in the series, Lana Lang.  Making the show a whole lot worse when we learn that she is working for Lex. She never learns.

In a dark alley somewhere in Smallville, Davis Bloom is covered in blood trying to get in touch with Chloe once more. He took to big *clear* trashbags full of blood and probably body parts, and through them into the trash, only to get caught by a police officer.  When the cop noticed the blood, Davis transformed into Doomsday and killed the cop. The transformation, by the way, was awesome.

At Jimmy and Chloe’s wedding reception, it was time for the dance.  Lois was about to bail, when Clark took her arm, and started slow dancing with her.  The setting was perfect.  They were about a centimeter away from kissing when Lana walked in, ruining the show even more.

8-10-bride-promotional-photos-smallville-2813858-1450-967After Clark had some alone time with Lana (nothing happened, they just talked) Doomsday showed up.  While Davis may say he only blacked out, the reason Doomsday was there was clear.  The writers of the show thought it would be a good idea that the reason he showed up was because…of jealousy.  I’m not a complete fan of how they made Doomsday look.  It reminded me of a Transformer for some reason.  When Clark tried to give it a punch, it quickly grabbed his hand, and through him across the room.  And that’s respectable, since he is the one that is supposed to kill him one day.  When Doomsday went for Chloe, Jimmy tried to stand against him, but got slashed in the chest.  That’s when Clark was told that Doomsday kidnapped Chloe.

Chloe was taken to the black Fortress of Solitude, but she gives a weird look when she awakens.  I don’t know if it’s her eyes, or she just isn’t unhappy that a giant monster took her…I guess we’ll find out in January when it comes back.  It’s not over yet, kids, it looks as if Lex was watching the whole thing, while hooked up to a bunch of machines…niiice.


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