PRISON BREAK: 4.11 – Quiet Riot – Recap

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Last week, we learned that Michael was in heavy need of surgery.  Even though he stated that he only needed two days, Sara said his safety was the more important thing. In tonights episode, despite all the build up of Michael’s health issues, he continues to work, against the doctors orders. He is willing to give his life to stop the company.

In tonight’s episode, the boys have to find a way into a highly secure room.  Designed so no human can break in, if one is too heavy, or is radiating body heat, or making sounds over ten decibals, an alarm sounds. So thanks to Hollywood, Michael decided to reinact the scene from Mission Impossible, where Tom Cruise hangs down  on wires. Not really, he comes up with a more elaborite, less cliche plan.

Meanwhile, planning to swipe the General’s final card, Gretchen dresses up like a schoolgirl and sends pictures of herself to the General, telling him to meet her.  Because, you know, he really needs a younger looking girl.  I mean, come on, he is 1000 years old! I don’t care if he says he is 63. When the General met up with schoolgirl version of Gretchen, she began to act seductive and removed his jacket.  Then she scanned it for the card to which he caught her red handed.  After begging for her life, and mentioning that the General was her baby daddy, the General let her go, but warned her never to come near him again.

Back at the warehouse, Michael reels everyone in on the big plan.  They have to break through two walls, one of concrete, and another, of glass. Now they have to do both of these without making much of a sound. To distract the heat sensors, they got liquid nitrogen. The plan was set to motion, so the team went to work.

At Gate, still suspicious that his secretary is a fed, T-Bag asked her to remove her jacket, to see if there is a gun.  She never budged, but T-Bag was called into his boss’s office, and offered a week get-a-way cruise as a reward.  T-Bag turned it down, saying he had more important things to do, but you could see on his face that he was actually starting to like his new life as Cole Pfeiffer. Knowing that his secretary was listening in, T-Bag called Gretchen and set up a fake meeting, for her to report to Self.  Later in the episode, his secretary and self get caught by the Asian man looking for Scylla.

Later, the boys arrived at Gate, ready to get to work.  This is where the intensity builds, and keeps me watching the show. Using teamwork, the guys broke through the concrete wall.  Most of the time I didn’t know how they would get through it without setting off alarms.  I love it when they keep you hanging.  Anyways, once they got through the first wall, they really had to be careful.  With carefully constructed wires, the boys started to make a bridge, using the liquid nitrogen to distract the sensors. It was truly brilliant. Sucre had a little accident, but quickly recovered, and soon it was Mike’s turn.

Why Michael had to do it, I’m not sure.  Clearly the man is unstable, but he is, and always will be the hero, so lets give him some screen time.  Once they made it through the first wall, and made a neat bridge, Michael had to get through the glass wall.  Remember Catwoman in Batman?  How she cut a circle in the glass and just pulled it out? It was a lot like that.  Michael cut the circle, shot it with liquid nitrogen, and pushed the glass in, and he was in. And just like a scene from Indiana Jones, Michael was about to grab Scylla when the alarm was set off, alarming the General. I KNEW he should have brought that bag of sand!


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