TV REWIND: How I Met Your Mother – Season 1


Still juggling with the twenty-some shows I am already watching each week, I started up a new show.  Maybe you heard of it, How I Met Your Mother? It only took me three days to finish the entire first season, and let me tell you, it drew me in pretty quick.

Sure, I’ll confess the only reason I began to watch this was because Willow from Buffy starred as one of the main actresses.  So sue me, but after seeing the whole first season, I can tell you that the rest of the main cast, and even supporting cast put on an incredible performance.

The show is obviously about how some man met his kid’s mother, what I didnt’ know is what the show really was about.  Which is about life lessons, and friends that help you get there.  Since it’s a comedy, it is not super serious about dramatic life changes, but later on in the season, the drama kept building up, and I was not dissapointed.

It’s narrated by Bob Saget, which I wasn’t aware until later, for he is uncredited.  The show reminds me now and then while watching it, of the popular show, Friends.  Think of Friends, then add Bob Saget teaching his kids about how he met their mother, and the two shows would be identical. At least that’s my opinion.

But anyhow, I love the show, I’ll get back to you after I finish the second season! Peace!


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