PRISON BREAK: 4.10 – The Legend – Recap

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The last time we left off our heroes, Brad Bellick gave his life for the team. It was sad.

So Michael and Don held a secret meeting with Gretchen.  The last time we left her off, it looked like she was back to no good joining up with her boyfriend, the General.  But now, she told them that Scylla was being moved.  So is she a double agent? If so, why not tell the guys about joining the company again?

At the warehouse, more hidden clues are showing up in the pages of the bird book.  Letters, the first three letters found were C, M, and E, obviously spelling out, “See 003me.”  Michael gathered more letters and spelled out the name “David Baker.” Which is who needed to be contacted. So they began to google him.

At Gate, T-Bag’s secretary handed him Gretchens fingerprints and background info.  She explained that she was clean, that there were no mentions of anyone on the team, including Whistler.  T-Bag went wide-eyed when he heard her say Whistlers name.  She tried to cover herself by saying Michael said it once, but T-Bag knew better.  His boss then stopped him, asking him to present to a group, using his legendary sales record techniques.

0021At the warehouse, Michael’s condition returned.  He didn’t bleed from the nose, nor did he get shaky and confused, he simply fainted. So Dr. Sara had to rush him to the hospital, hopefully to tell us all whats wrong with him.  He had a quick cat scan, and the doctors asked him to wait for the results, Michael wanted to leave, but Sara asked him to stay. His safety was her only concern. When the police showed up, Michael decided it was time to go, and asked the doctor to call them with results.

Mahone was the one to visit David Baker.  Apparently, David Baker was a ‘Vincent Price’ impersonator, did anyone hear his voice? Anyways, Mahone was there to ask him for help.  He said he worked for the company, but David Baker quickly figured out the truth, as agents from the Company began to surround the building. Mahone had to leave, but before he got away, Baker’s wife slipped him some information on Scylla.

At Gate, Lincoln and Sucre were trying to figure out what to do next when Sucre accidentally stepped on a explosive trigger, if he moves just a tiny inch, a giant boulder would drop from above, and they would have to run away from it with an incredible adventure score…or blow up.  Lincoln told Sucre to hold on as he got Gretchen to help.  She said she would have to manually de-trigger the bomb.  

Back at headquarters, Michael and Mahone were looking at the information Baker’s wife gave him, and realized the land mine was also a trigger for an alarm.  So in a flash of lightning, Mahone got from headquarters to Gate, and told Gretchen to stop what she was doing.  Then found a manual overdrive to turn off the trigger for twenty seconds.  My question was, why didn’t Linc think of that, there was a box on the wall, and no one thought to see what it was? Anyways, after a bit of crying, Sucre stepped off the bomb, and he was fine.

T-Bag, back at Gate, took a look at his secretary’s file.  He called a number in the file, which was answered by Don Self.  Earlier in the episode, we learned she worked with Homeland Security, hopefully we will learn more about this in the weeks ahead.

Back at the warehouse, the team takes a moment of silence to say goodbye to Bellick, just before he is shipped to his mother for burial.  Sucre made the phone call to his mother, as promised.  Sara told Michael she got the call from his doctor.  He has a tumor, and needs to have surgery right away.  Michael explained he needed two days, but Sara told him it had to be one, or he runs the risk of dying.


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