GHOST WHISPERER: 4.06 – Imaginary Friends and Enemies

Ghost Whisperer Logo

Tonight’s episode was actually above average when it comes to Ghost Whisperer.  Mainly, I am talking about the creepy factor.  I always love when the show gets darker, and scarier, instead of the 7th Heaven-like episodes it usually has.  Though thanks to major spoilers, I knew before the season began what would happen in the final seconds of tonights episode, which was a huge let down. Not only because it was a huge spoiler, but for what happened as well.

I’ll give you a short recap of what happened, because even though the episode itself was enjoyable, I’m still stuck on the real reason of the episode, which was the ending. Basically, Melinda and Jim are helping a couple set up a wedding.  When they go back to her childhood home, a young spirit presented itself to the couple’s daughter, acting like an “imaginary friend”.  Well Melinda knew right away that it was a ghost, and things began getting creepy.

The spirit played a game with the mother, leading her to object around the house, which eventually spelled a word.  First were a ton of red ants, creepy, then an icepick, then leeches all over her face. Again, creepy, then the final one was a rope, which eventually spelled liar.  Basically, the child ghost found out the man she was marrying was a liar, and was blackmailing people.  So she stopped the wedding, blah blah.  This upset the groom, ending up with a gun pointed at Jim.  Well, they had a nice brawl, and a detective showed up on spot, and ended up shooting Jim.

Not to worry, though because it just shot right through his arm, and just grazed his ribs.  He should be fine, so Melinda went to check up on him, and guess what, hours later, Jim showed up to Melinda as a ghost, he died! Of course, spoilers revealed this all over the web on comments and other things where they shouldn’t have been, which ticked me off.  One because I was spoiled, and two because they killed off the second main character of the show, this is worse then killing off Melinda’s best friend in the second season finale. At this point, I’m thinking the show may have just jumped the shark.


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