SMALLVILLE: 8.08 – Bloodline – Recap

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The gist – Lois and Clark get trapped in the phantom zone.  Kara reappears.  Lois gets possesed by a superpowered evil lady who reveals something important about Davis Bloome. Heres the recap.

So this episode kicked off at the Kent farm.  This I am still confused about. Why does he still live there? Didn’t he make the decision a few episodes ago to move to Metropolis.  Is he still on the farm only to keep Smallville in it’s own show? Who knows, anyways Lois showed up wanting to live with him.  She said she couldn’t stand living with Jimmy and Chloe.  Out of no where, Clark received the crystal as a gift.  How? I don’t know but as soon as he touched it, he and Lois both were sent into the phantom zone.

SMALLVILLEWell the two wake up in the phantom zone, naturally.  Anyways, Lois starts freaking out when she saw two green suns.  Clark tried to calm her down, but come on Clark, try to understand her horror, she thinks you guys have been abducted.  Clark just acts like Skully, and says there is a reasonable explanation for it. A zoner than attacked them, but wait, its not a zoner, its…


I’ve forgotten the last time we’ve seen her. I just remember being told that she would teach superboy here how to fly, and she never did, resulting in me having an angry face. That was last season, and now I’ve forgiven the show, cause it’s 5 times better now that they have Clark saving people again, and not fawning over Lana.  However, its also 5 times worse, because of the no Lex situation…

Well, Kara said she’s known for months how to get out, but she never did, cause she didn’t want to watch Season Six all over again, and have the zoners escape, like Clark did.  Lois woke up, and recognized Kara, she thought all three of them were abducted together.  Lois, sometimes you’re just stupid.  Well they went to the portal to escape.  Lois went through first, but a zoner did get out, and possesed Lois.  

At the Kent farm, Chloe found the blue crystal, which she pocketed.  Seconds later, Tess came out looking for the crystal that sent out a signal.  What is it with this show?  Doesn’t anyone ever understand that the Kent farm is private property? Everyone just walks right in. Chloe gives Tess the cold shoulder, and left.

Chloe had Oliver steal a device from Tess, and she used her Brainiac powers to hack into it, so she could possibly reverse the effects that it had on Clark and Lois, hopefully getting them back. 


So, the new Lois, is apparently Zod’s wife.  She was looking all over town for her son, Zod’s son.  Finally, she found him. His earth name was DAVIS BLOOM.  She met up with him, and he was confused to see Lois act so strange.  Then she was so upset with him that he helps people, that she plunged a large metal beam into his stomach.  Saying that whatever kills you, makes you stronger. (Even though its the other way around.)

Chloe finally got Clark and Kara back to Earth, and told him right away about Zod’s wife.  He sped off to the hospital, cause obviously, thats where she would be.  So he tried to stop her, he tried to talk to Lois, to say sorry, but Lois threw him across the room.  Kara stepped in, and with a crystal, sent her back to the phantom zone.  Not Lois, but Zod’s wife.  

Back at the farm, Oliver spoke to Clark about his concern for Chloe.  She has too much power, and before too long, something will go bad, so he asked Clark to talk to her some more, somehow bring a stop to it all.  Kara left Smallville, probably for good.  She told Clark that she heard rumors of a lost city of Krypton still in existance. SO THAT’S where all these kryptonians are coming from.  


Then finally at the end, we see that Davis Bloom had no injuries, to test how, he took a giant knife, and plunged it at himself, to which it shattered into a million tiny pieces. Another good episode of Smallville this season.  I had only one problem, DOOMSDAY IS NOT THE SON OF ZOD! It’s not a huge problem, but can you please…for once…have a character that isn’t related to Krypton?


One thought on “SMALLVILLE: 8.08 – Bloodline – Recap”

  1. Good review! Just wanted to comment on your comment/request, where you said “Can you please…for once…have a character that isn’t related to Krypton?” That’s kind of a tough order considering that Doomsday is the biggest, worst, and most recognizable villain outside of Lex Luthor…. and Doomsday was genetically engineered on Krypton. The “son of Zod” thing was changed from the comics to fit in better with the Smallville series, but other than that, it’s accurate. I don’t really have a problem with some of the liberties they’ve taken with storytelling. Keeps it interesting, at least.

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