TV REWIND: Buffy – Season 6 & Angel – Season 3

Well, I finally finished the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, along with the third season of Angel. Holy crap is all I can manage to say right now.  On both accounts, more so with Buffy.  Both shows got super intense this time around, and kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time.  While season six may possibly be the saddest season of Buffy, its also, in my opinion, very well done


When we last left Buffy off, she was, well…dead.  She sacrificed herself in order to save her sister’s life.  This season kicked right off with Willow, the powerful witch ressurecting her.  Everyone on the show was suspecting she was in Hell.  Not one character in the show suspected that “Hey, she is a good person, maybe she’s in Heaven?”  No, they had to suspect the worst.  Turns out, Buffy was in Heaven, and they ripped her out.  Poor Buffy. Next we found out Giles was leaving the show.  Right off the bat, he headed off to England.  He came back for a few episodes, including the incredible musical episode, but then returned once again to his rightful place in England.  He felt he was no longer needed in Sunnydale.

Who is the “big bad” this season? Well I’m glad you asked, its a bunch of nerds who call themselves “The Trio.”  They have had so much better villains.  I thought that they were just kind of dull.  They got better on as the season progressed, but they were still nerds.

RELATIONSHIPS, as always with Buffy, it has to have the drama bit.  Whose with who this season?  Well, lets start with Buffy, for about half the season, she was with Spike.  It was because she didn’t feel right, and needed someone to confort her, and Spike was always there.  At first, I thought I would actually like the relationship, but it never truly was a relationship, because she was just using him. Xander’s relationship with Anya continued to grow as they planned their wedding.  But he broke up with her at the alter…which led to Anya becomming a vengence demon once more. Also in the love category is Willow and Tara, continued from the previous couple of seasons.  Their relationship ended when Willow got addicted to magic, but thanks to no magic for a month, the two got back together, just in time for  Tara to get SHOT IN THE HEART! So eventually, this is where Willow turned to the darkside.

Which brings us to the finale.  Willow went bad, and went to avenge Tara’s death, and did she ever!  She was engulfed in the darkest of dark magic, and nothing could stop her.  She found her lover’s killer, and in a split second, wripped all the skin from his body, it was gross! Most TV’s in the world censored that very moment.  Giles came back in the last episode to stop Willow, but he as well was ineffective.  The one person who saved the day was not Buffy, but Xander.  Her one best friend, and with the love he had for her, didn’t stop.  She continued to hurt him, but he just came back, saying he loved her, which eventually led to Willow returning to the way she was in a loving embrace from Xander.  That was one of my all-time favorite scenes of Buffy to date.

And of course, with every season of Buffy, there has to be a cliffhanger.  Spike went on a quest to get his soul back, and after a bunch of hard tests, he got it! Cue the end credits! Wow, I really have to say that it was fantastic.  One of my favorite seasons, if NOT my favorite. My head is still spinning.


This season of Angel was intense as well.  Although it was more depressing than actually intense.  So many things happened, that could turn out good, but they always, always ended badly.  This season was centered around the fact that Angel was to become a father.  Half the season was about protecting Darla, because his son not only had a soul, it was alive, heart-beating and all.  Then the last half of the season, Darla staked herself, leaving the baby alive.  Angel named him Connor, but then he was taken away. 

A few days later, a teenage Connor came back.  At first you think everything is okay again..but noooo.  He locked Angel up in a sealed box, and drowned it, leaving him living forever on the bottom of the ocean.  Cordelia was about to confess her feelings to Angel, when she was stopped and was taken to some other dimension.  Wesley is hated by Angel, and lives a depressing life, drinking alchohol all day, and Wolferman and Hart continue to try to hire him.  The only people left on the show are Gunn and Fred.  That’s it.  That’s where it leaves us. 

Holy cow! With the two shows combined…..dang.  My inside source tells me that Angel just gets more depressing and nothing good ever happens again.  I sure hope that isn’t so.  But I can’t wait to keep watchin my new favorite shows.  Peace!


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