TV REWIND: Buffy – Season 5 & Angel – Season 2


The weeks keep on rolling, and I just finished the fifth season of Buffy, alongside the second season of Angel.  Might I just say that these seasons just continue to get more crazy as they go along.  For Buffy, I’ll have to say that while this season wasn’t my favorite, it sure had some truly remarkable episodes that were amazingly thought out.  Buffy’s fifth was also the saddest season so far.  I’ve heard season six is even sadder, so we’ll have to see.  For Angel, I enjoyed the second season more than the first.  Even though it’s sad to see Doyle gone, its nice to know that Cordy has his powers, and of course…I love the karaoke bar in the second season. I’ll get to that in a little bit.


So many new things were added this season of Buffy, as always.  First the characters, we had Glory, who was the “big bad” of the season looking for “The Key.”  Then we had Ben, who was actually Glory…its complicated.  Then of course, we had Dawn.  For the longest time I thought Buffy actually jumped the shark with her character.  It seemed pointless and confusing.  They explaned her character later, but I still felt it wasn’t REALLY necessary.  I eventually warmed up to her character, and I accept her now.  

Then we have deaths.  Holy cow! One of the most sad and horrific episodes was also one of the best episodes in the series so far. For me, it may be my favorite.  2×16 – The episode where Joyce was killed off.  Earlier in the season, Joyce was shown to have a brain tumor, and that later, it was proved that she would be just fine.  But they made a miscalculation, and Joyce ended up getting a brain aneurism.  That episode was incredible when it came to acting, videography, and oh my gosh, the lack of music in the episode was magnificent.  It worked flawlessly.  

When it comes to Dawn’s character, they described her as “The Key” that monks made, and sent to Buffy’s life in human form.  Basically, in the finale, Glory was to bleed Dawn, and a portal to every dimension would open, once again ending the world.  So if she started to bleed, she would need to be killed in order to stop it.  Buffy realized that the monks made Dawn out of herself, so her blood is just like Dawn’s.  So at the end, when Dawn was cut, Buffy realized the only way to save the world is to kill herself…which is what she did! Holy crap!  I mean, they have two more seasons of Buffy, what will they do next!?


This season of Angel didn’t really have much of an overall arc, other than Lorne’s backstory.  I love Lorne’s character.  A demon that can read people’s future when they sing karaoke…priceless.  Anyways, this season, like any other season of Angel, had several small stories.  This season was about Darla’s return as a human, then turned back into a vampire by Drucilla.  Which in turn made Angel semi-evil, allowing vampires to feed on people.  Then he abandoned his team going against Wolfrman and Hart.

When he was back to normal, he had to gain the trust of his team back, which was no easy task.  The finale was like a four-part mini series, I swear.  Well, the first episode of the finale, was introducing us to Lorne’s cousin when he was transported through a portal.  When they sent him back, they ended up accidentaly sending Cordy back as well.  In the other dimension, humans are slaves called cows in a very “Planet of the Apes” like world.  More like…”Planet of the Demons.”  

Their world was like our world back when we were in England and there was no electric….that’s kind of a bad example.  Anyways, its a bad place, and sure enough the gang was able to get to the other dimension.  Just in time to see that Cordy was being treated as a princess, because she has the gift of future sight.  It wasn’t long before even she noticed the place meant bad business.  The finale almost made us think Lorne was beheaded….he was, but he doesn’t die until his body is mutilated.  ANYWAYS…good season, but like always, I have to go with Buffy.  Buffy totally won me over this season.  Peace out!


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