GHOST WHISPERER: 4.04 – Save Our Souls – Recap



What do you get when you get on an ocean cruiser?  Apparently something dark and mysterious…..and dead!

Basically, Jim and Melinda went on a romantic getaway cruise to continue trying to get that baby in order.  Well things continued to distract the two, and since dead people follow Melinda around everywhere she goes, they were there.  Not just one either, somewhere around twenty.  Though only one was important.  The one that was murdered, or was mistakingly murdered you can say.

Well, Melinda and Jim met a newlywed couple on their honeymoon.  Apparently, the groom falls asleep whenever they get romantic.  Being a man, there needs to be blame! So he blamed the heat, apparently it was too hot to get intimate.  Jim cracked a joke that it wasn’t hot enough.  Well true enough it wasn’t the temperatures heat, it was the Ghost’s fault.  She was giving him “Ghost Sickness” (see Supernatural.)  She would cower over him, and make him sick, then kiss him.  Kind of weird.

Well the Ghost was trying to kill him because in her head, she thought he was her fiance.  Trying to kill him so that they can be together forever.  Then she found out it wasn’t her fiance after she tossed him overboard. You see it was the room they were staying in, that was the room her fiance was staying in when she was alive.  So Melinda and Jim stayed the night in the same room, bringing forth the spirit.

Basically, when she was alive, she and this guy were engaged.  She snuck onto the cruiser to see him, but found him kissing another woman.  He told the gang that it was his fiance his parents pressured him to marry, and the kiss was just a goodbye kiss.  She didn’t know that, and ended up locking her in a neverending pit of nothingness.  I think they borrowed this shot from the Star Wars movies.  Anyways, it got too hot, and she fell down the hole, dying.  It was an accident.

Now, at the end we learn that Melinda may be pregnant, because she got some night sickness.  Is it just me, or did anyone else get the impression that Jim and Melinda never even had time to try for a baby?  Too much ghost helping.  I don’t know.  I’ll just go for it, peace out!


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