SUPERNATURAL: 4.06 – Yellow Fever – Recap

Alright, on to Supernatural. Sorry I am a little late getting this recap out, Mondays and Thursdays are busiest for me when it comes to TV.  By the end of the day I was dead tired, but now I’m awake, and ready to give you guys a recap. Tonight’s episode, we see a whole ‘nother side of Dean Winchester, as everything begins to scare him.  Why? Well lets just say…Ghost Sickness, but I’ll get to that in a little bit.

We start off tonights episode from Dean running from something unknown.  Running out of breath, trying to get away from whatever evil was trying to kill him. What is it, you wonder? Is it a demon? Maybe a Hell-hound? No, in fact it wasn’t even evil. When the camera panned down on what was following him, it was simply a very small dog with a pink bow tied around its head. Then we rewind about two days, to see how it all goes down.

Well, the boys were investigating a strange death, like always.  Apparently a man named Frank was literally scared to death.  Since the boys were aware that the man was a very healthy man, he shouldn’t have died so quickly, so they ordered the coroner to perform an autopsy, to see what the real problem was. On the outside of the victim the brothers noticed strange marks on the outside of his arms.  After removing the heart and handing it to Dean, the coroner found nothing out of the ordinary, then the body squirted in Sam’s face. Ew.

From the town sheriff the guys learn that Frank wasn’t the only man scared to death.  The same strange death has been happening around the town now and then. When they visited one of Frank’s buddies, he told them that back in the day, Frank used to be a big jerk, but after the years past, he got better, even got a wife.  One day, his wife died, but to unknowing Frank, she commited suicide.

Bad news time, Dean is starting to act obviously afraid of things.  Scary teenagers (couple kids on bikes) and he won’t go over the speed limit (20 MPH).  The boy’s EMF goes off, telling us all that Dean is haunted.  DUN DUN DUN!

Sam had a chat with Bobby, while Dean was rocking out to Eye of the Tiger, and found out that what was happening to Dean was “Ghost Sickness”. Now once this sickness has infected one person, it can infect anybody like a normal sickness. He told him that only douchebags catch the sickness (which makes no sense, logically.)

After Dean coughed up a woodchip, the boys found out that the old factory was the first place to look.  Of course it was the right place.  Anyways, Dean was afraid of his gun going off, so he only carried a flashlight, while Sam manned the shotgun.  They heard a noise coming from inside a locker, when they opened it a kitten jumped out, leaving Dean screaming like a girl for a long time. Finally, they found the ghost they were looking for. But unfortunetly, that scared the pee out of Dean.  It didn’t, but that would have been even funnier.

So here is the sitch – the ghost the boys found was a man named Luthor who died 20 years earlier.  A receptionist he used to work with was really Frank’s wife, and he had a crush on her. When she died, Frank didn’t know she killed herself, and went and found Luthor with a bunch of pictures and drawings of her, so he tied Luthor up to the back of his car and dragged him until he was past dead.  The cops wouldn’t arrest Frank, and that has been eating away at the sheriff, who also has Ghost Sickness, by the way.

So Dean wanted to salt and burn the bones, but Sam reminded him since the body was dragged by a car, they wouldn’t possibly find all the pieces, so they needed a plan B.  Dean began to act all whiney, and left, only to be chased by the tiny dog in the beginning.  He went to the hotel.  Where some hallucinations began happening.  I’ll get to that in a second.

Sam spoke to Bobby, who said the only other way to kill the ghost was to scare it to death. The only real option they had was to get some guns and run into the lumber mill where they first saw the ghost.  Well since he didn’t show up, Sam decided they needed to make him angry, so he started tearing up the pictures of Frank’s wife.  Obviously, Luthor showed up.

Now, to Dean’s hallucinations: First a yellow-eyed version of Sam harassed him, then the ill sheriff paid Sam a visit.  The two fought to the death.  By death I mean the sheriff getting a heart attack. Then hallucination-version of Lillith came to harass him.  Dean gets that close to dying of a heart attack himself, when Sam was at the mill, fighting the ghost.  He tied a chain around Luthors neck, and Bobby dragged him down the street killing him.  Dean was fine. The end, oh yeah, and that awesome Eye of the Tiger sketch Dean did in the credits.


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