FRINGE: 1.06 – The Cure – Recap


What happens when you take Maya’s character from Heroe’s and give it a scientific explanation with a twist? You get the woman in the beginning of this week’s Fringe.  A confused woman walked into a bar with bruises all over her arms, including injection spots.  When a cop questioned her, wondering if someone beat her, she started acting all defensive, and began bleeding out her eyes, causing everyone else to bleed from their eyes as well, eventually killing them.  That part is like Maya from Heroes, here’s the twist.  Her little problem didn’t stop after that, oh no, her head blew up. Cue the opening credits.

Well once you have a woman’s head exploding, it’s clear you gotta call in the big guns!  That’s right, Olivia, Peter, Walter, and Broyles, the whole X-Files team.  When they got to the diner, it was blocked off, apparently self-combustion head chick also gave off an extreme amount of radiation, boiling everyone in the room’s brain.  They found that out when the good Dr. Bishop stabbed the cops ear with a thermometer.  They also found out that Emily, the girl whose head blew to chunks had a rare disease, so Olivia visited her doctor.

Emily’s disease, which is normally incurable, went into remission just before the incident at the diner, which is what Olivia asked her doctor.  A main cause was radiation, but her doctor said he never gave her radiation therapy.  Back at the lab, after further investigating, Walter found out that Emily was a sick lab rat specifically used to blow up in that diner.

Well now, Olivia got the call that another girl had just gone missing, Claire somebody.  Claire had the same disease as Emily, but according to her father, Claire didn’t know an Emily.  But according to Emily’s mother, the two did in fact know each other, they were friends, both treated by the same doctor.  So back at Claire’s house, her dad tried to explain himself.  The two were taking medication illegally.  Uh oh, time to go see the lying doctor.

At the doctor’s office, Olivia confronted him with the new evidence.  He didn’t deny it this time, instead, he gave her the name of the man he is working for, then shot HIS own head sky high. People and decapitation…..

Back at the lab, Walter found out what it was the twisted doctors were injecting the girls with, so he was able to create an antidote.  He gave that to Olivia, and Peter gave her the location of where Claire was being held.  He got that info secretly from the crazy redheaded chick from Massive Dynamic.  Soon though, he will have to scratch her back as well.

Olivia found Claire, and saw that her head was about to explode any minute, so it wasn’t safe to go into the room with her, so through the safety box, she put the needle.  Any second, Claire would blow up, and for a second, I actually thought she would, but thankfully, she injected herself, and all was well again.


2 thoughts on “FRINGE: 1.06 – The Cure – Recap”

  1. Now we know what drives Olivia, but how far will it take her.

    We learned a little more about Peter. He’s done some business with a techonology-shy race of people in Central Peru for some hyperconductive alloy native to the area. And he’s not afraid of Nina, but I think he realizes her danger.

    No mention of his health issues this episode, but we learned that Nina knew him as a child. More proof of an experiment? It appears that she and Walter were quite close in his pre-mental institute days.

    My favorite Walterism of the night:

    When he uses Mr. Papaya, he says “it’s upsetting since he’s the friendliest fruit.” Walter gets this attached to a fruit, but he has no problem exploding the heads of some spare hamsters!

  2. Oh, my first reaction here on one of your excellent recaps. I’ve been reading them for about two mounths now, thought it was time to reply on some of them. Note, I’m from Belgium, if my English sucks, sorry for that.

    Anyway, I’m really hooked bij Fringe right now, my thoughts:

    – Indeed, Maya’s character, that’s exactly what I was thinking when I saw that man’s eyes turn black(/red?). Anyway, this was definiatly one of the most creepiest episodes of Fringe so far.. Like. The head exploding? Yak.

    – I’m so in love with Walter! He’s so f*cking brilliant. His ideas, his quotes, love love love it. Haha, and yes, he was funny this time with Mr. Papaya. Go Walter!

    And the only thing that’s confusing me lately is the fact that the overall picture is so blurry. At least for me, I know the writers know what they are writing about and I love the fact that there is in fact an overall picture, but all those different characters, it’s hard to remember who was part of which organisation, which patients were a result of Walter’s experiments..? I’m thinking I should make a grid or something, just to have a clear overview of everything xD.

    Anypooh.. Love this show, the mystery is killing me xD.

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