PRISON BREAK: 4.08 – The Price – Recap


It seems before Lincoln was sent away to Fox River, he may not have been guilty, but he was one heck of a trouble-maker.  Thanks to a flashback, it is shown right as the episode kicked off that in the past, he and his partner in crime were staging a car accident in order to steal an important briefcase inside the others car.  His partner shot the two people in the car, don’t worry though, it was self defense.

So last time we left Michael off, he got a call from Gretchen.  Tonight we learn that the two will be partners, but I have a feeling that Michael really doesn’t like that plan.  Later, Michael told Sara that Gretchen was still alive, to which Sara has some flashback moments showing us Gretchen flogging her, giving her the scars we saw in the fourth season premiere.

Without his handy device that makes his character unique, Roland wasn’t handling things very well.  He texted Wyatt, giving up the brothers location for some money. What’s that little thing about working for the government? Oh yeah, don’t associate with terrorists!…or killers…whatever he is.  I never really liked Roland’s character, I thought maybe some day his character might get better, but this move clearly put the word “stupid” on his forehead.

Remember that Asian guy looking for Scylla? Gave T-Bag three days to obtain it or he’d shoot him?  He came back this episode, just about pulled the trigger, when Gretchen offered him a deal he couldn’t refuse.  She’ll get it, and then walk away with $125 million dollars.  She then offered T-Bag 25 million to T-Bag.  Gretchen told T-Bag that Scylla was way more then just the “company’s black book.”

Thanks to the flashback in the beginning, Michael and Lincoln started up their plan of the week.  A car crash to steal the final card.  Michael and Sara posed as EMT’s to get close to the General, and the card.  Lincoln and Sucre were the ones that were going to crash into the General’s limo.  It was all set, but silly Roland had to go and tell Wyatt exactly what and where everything was going down, so their plan fails, terribly. Wyatt came out of his car, and started firing on Lincoln and Sucre, actually hitting Sucre! So everyone had to bail. Meanwhile Don Self told Sara that Gretchen wanted to meet with her at a motel, to even things out between them. 

At the warehouse the team rushed Sucre in so Dr. Sara could play her role as doctor again, and get to work! Michael noticed that the only way Wyatt could have known where the team was is if he was told by someone in their group.  Michael found Roland who is a terrible liar when it comes to covering his butt.  Michael let it slide, he obvioulsy knew Roland was guilty.  He handed Roland his laptop and told him to do some work for him.  Sara finally removed the bullet from Sucre’s gunshot wound.

Don called Michael asking where Roland was, his tracker had been turned off.  The team looked for him, sure enough, the man escaped.  Where to? A secret meeting with Wyatt, who shot him.  Kind of a no-brainer from the start, can’t say you didn’t deserve it, Roland.  The guys finally find the two and attack Wyatt, but alas, it was too late for Roland.  Even though he sold them out, Michael stayed with him until the lights left his eyes. Very sad.

Sara took this time to meet up with Gretchen at the motel.  She said she wanted to tie up some loose ends with her, so she offered her back for Sara to whip.  That wasn’t enough for Sara, so she picked up a knife instead, and very lightly started to cut Gretchen’s throat.  She told her that she would pay for torturing her. After being informed of the situation, the General knows Michael and the boys are trying to get his card, so he ordered Scylla to be moved. Moved? Where?

On the preview for the upcomming episodes, we see that Michael will faint, probably from whatever is happening to him, and there will be a death…dun dun dun! I can’t wait. Can you?


One thought on “PRISON BREAK: 4.08 – The Price – Recap”

  1. This was seriously one of the best Prison Break Season 4 episodes so far. Loved this one. Some notes:

    – The Sara/Gretchen scene was brilliant. That’s one of the things that’s so great about Prison Break. Their characters always stay IN character and in every single scene, they are lead by their emotions. Love the way how Sara acted in this scene.

    – Roland, never like him that much, but hey, the way he was killed was brilliant, again. Love the fact that Michael watched him die. Ah well, he deserved it. And hey, in fact he’s done a good job; now they have that black bad guy.

    – And I’m still wondering where LJ and Sophia are. Have they totally forgotten about them? I don’t know, it’s strange, I mean… The first thing Lincoln would do, is to call LJ and tell him he’s safe. But he didn’t and we haven’t heard something about LJ (or Sophia) either. Dunno why.

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