HEROES: 3.06 – Dying of the Light – Recap


His story was very short this season, but important.  In the very beginning of the episode, he is killed off by Mr. Patrelli, who completely steals Adam’s power, regenerating himself, and leaving Adam powerless, but since Adam is 400 years old, he immediatley turned to ash.  So now Mr. Patrelli is invulnerable, not to mention super-evil.



So last time we saw Daphne, she was being ordered by Mr. Linderman to recruit Parkman into Pinehearst.  Tonight she met up with Parkman who was also looking for her.  He gets all giddy and says they get married in the future and are very happy together.  Daphne left all creeped out, but told him to wait for her…Parkman waits for the rest of the episode.

Daphne sped off to do some errands.  One of them was to break Sylar out, though he didn’t want to go. Another stop she made was to Suresh’s place, to which she found out he’s gone evil, and left. Eventually, she wound back to where she left Parkman, and told him to stay away from Pinehearst, to which he told her the same.


So Nathan brought Traci to Suresh to help remove her abilities.  Suresh said they will work great together.  Then he poisoned them, knocking them out. So he could do some tests on them.  Traci found a quick opportune time to freeze Suresh, he got himself out of it, but he was temporarily weakened.  This allowed Traci to free herself, and Nathan, but Suresh pointed a gun at them saying he wasn’t finished yet.



Last time we saw Hiro, he was killing Ando with a sword, in tonights episode, we kick off with an explanation.  In the last episode, apparently Hiro stopped time, transported himself to a movie-prop place, and grabbed a fake sword, and fake blood and went back to the bar and fake stabbed Ando.  After this, Daphne ordered Hiro to find and get the precog African guys, otherwise known as Isaac Mendez.  She told him to be careful, cause he can see them coming.

After several failed attempts, and getting hit on the head a couple times by a shovel, Hiro used his brain and was awarded.  The african man then told Hiro who the villains of the story were, the people down at Pinehearst, so he told them that in order to save the world, they must stop the Pinehearst company…basically.




In the last episode, Claire’s biological mother went out to see the Puppetman, and he had her on a tight leash.  In tonights episode, things really haven’t progressed.  He’s still forcing her to do things with his strange powers. So, Claire being all hero-like decided it was time to save mom.  Don’t forget her fake mom, who also went to help.  They ended up in a dilemma, because Claire’s weapon of choice is a frickin’ taser gun, the puppet man overpowered her easily.

The next thing they knew, the Bennett women were all sitting at a circular table, with the Puppetman forcing them to play a little Russian Roulette.  He forced Claire to shoot her biological mom first, but she got lucky, no bullet.  Claire’s fake mom was up next, to which she shot the gun until it hit Claire.  The puppetman didn’t know Claire’s power, so in the end, Claire knocked him out.




After Daphne’s failed attempt to get Sylar out, he got himself out, and went to Peter.  Peter and Sylar both visited mother dearest.  The went to read her mind, inside her head, Peter saw only one symbol, the symbol of Pinehearst.

Peter and Sylar then had a brotherly fight, you know? The usual when one brother lunges at the other and flies several feet knocking them unconcious? Anyways, Peter went to Pinehearst and found his father running the place.  His dad gave his son a hug, draining him of his powers! CRAP!


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