SUPERNATURAL: 4.05 – Monster Movie – Recap

“HOLY MOTHER OF CRAP!” ~ Security Guard

This episode was really just a fun silly episode, but I personally loved it.  It started right off like an intro to an old classic film.  Beginning music and credits, the whole shebang.  I knew it was going to be a black and white episode, I just had no idea it would be complete.

So the boys are on the hunt again, like always, this time its for a vampire in Pennsylvania, not to be confused with Transylvania.  Dean makes a hysterical remark about how the town has a terrible radio station, I thought that was pretty funny.  

So Dean arrived in a simply strange town complete with huge pretzels.  They were able to find a cop that lead them to the morgue.  At the morgue they found the victim with two puncture wounds in the neck.  Vampire alright.  The boys set off to a local bar to talk to one of the main witnesses that swore it was Dracula.  Down to the cheesy accent and cape.  Dean and Sam think its some vampire wannabe, but they decided to stay anyways.

Meanwhile, out at Kisser’s Peak, or whatever, two couples got attacked by a werewolf. Upon further investigation, the brothers saw that it did in fact look like a werewolf attack, which made them question the authenticity of their case.

In another part of town, at the museum to be precise, a mummy came out of it’s coffin and attacked a security guard.  Sam and Dean noticed that the mummy was in fact a prop, and not real, which added to the confusion of the whole deal.

In an alley, the girl Dean was flirting with earlier, that I forgot to mention was attacked by Dracula.  Well Dean came in to save the day and wripped the old count’s ear off, which led him and Sam to believe that whoever was committing all these crimes was a shape shifter that loves old horror flicks.


INTERMISSION: lol that part cracked me up..sorry, back to the recap

They found out that the shapeshifter works at an old movie theater, so Sam went to go check it out.  In the theater a man was playing the Phantom of the Opera on the organ.  BUT it wasn’t the shape shifter, so Sam was out of luck.

The shapeshifter was actually still at the bar with Dean and the girl. He was posing as the bartendar and drugged Dean…and the girl (can’t remember her name, lets call her Susy.) Well, the shape shifter brought Dean and Susy back to his place, and locked Dean up in what looked like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab. While Susy was locked elsewhere.  Though Dracula had to leave for a minute when the doorbell rang, it was pizza he had delivered. That was a pretty hysterical scene.

When Dracula met up with Susy, he realized that he scared her, which is what he was trying to avoid.  He went on to explain that he really wasn’t all that bad, he was just a tad bit INSANE.  Anyways, Sam found the shape shifters house, saved Dean, had a fight with Dracula, killed him with “silver bullets” and then that’s basically it.  The shot ended with the famous “The End” title.  Such a great episode.  Can’t wait for the next episode.


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