FRINGE: 1.05 – Power Hungry – Recap


Oh how I love Fringe.  They enjoy trying to make it look believable as possible, but there are a few things in the show that no matter how hard they try, they can’t explain it.  Each episode has these small details here and there, but I’ll get to that a little later.  Here’s tonights recap!

On tonights episode, we meet Electro from Spider-Man.  Actually his name was Joeseph Meegar, and thanks to some scientific experiments done to him in the past he’s like a human EMP device when he gets nervous.  But don’t feel sorry for him yet, he’s not as innocent as he looks.  Mr. Meegar here has been stalking a secretary, and had somewhere in the vacinity of 15 pictures of her on his cell phone.  Anyways, things went crazy when he got nervous, he got into an elevator, and it plummeted, killing everyone BUT him, of course.  Time to call Mulder and Scully!

At the scene of the accident, Walter had a look see inside the elevator, and from the looks of it, he came to the conclusion that everyone in the elevator was fried by electricution.  He proved his theory by making Olivia’s neclace float.  Back at the lab, Dr. Bishop found out due to a nasty beating heart of a dead man, that the electrocution was caused by a human being, not by any weapon. 

Back to following Mr. Meegar, he was late to his job, and his boss fired him.  Well again, Joeseph went berserk and with his electric powers, he had got his boss’s arm stuck in machinary, to which we find out later, that it had to be removed…eww.

Meanwhile, John, the dead guy from the pilot episode re-appeared to Olivia.  He told her he still loves her, and is going to help her out with her case.  Weird.  I half expect Matt Parkman’s father from Heroes to show up saying he’s creating the vision of John or something.

Back to Mr. Meegar…he arrived back at home to his mother.  Seriously, what is up with this woman? She hates her son with a vengance, I swear.  Like the beginning of the episode, “LOOK AT YOU, BOY, COMB YOUR FILTHY HAIR!” Just saying…Well he told her what was going on with him, I’m guessing cause he wanted some advice to what to do.  Of course evil mother thinks he’s completly insane, to which he freaks out, and kills her by shutting down her pacemaker. Then he tried to run away, but the men downstairs took him away to do some tests on him.

Back at the lab, Walter found out that Joeseph has a special electric signature that he leaves behind.  He found this out by taking the music OUT of the cassette tape.  You can’t just TAKE the music out.  Anyways, with this unique signature, Walter planned to give it to carrier pidgins, hoping they will lead the way straight to wherever Joeseph was being held.  Which they did, but still, a little far fetched.

Anyways, the birds led them to some kind of warehouse where a crazy scientist was doing experiments on Joeseph.  Well they stop the scientist from doing whatever he was doing.  They caught Joeseph and sent him to a hospital.

Back at the lab, Walter finds out that Olivia has been seeing visions of John, and he told her there is an explanation.  When she went into the tub the first episode, she entered John’s mind.  Part of his conciousness apparently crossed over into Olivias brain, so now there is two…..lines of thought in her head.  Crazy, I know, but true. Anyways, THAT was the episode of Fringe.  Pretty good, as usual, can’t wait for the next episode, PEACE OUT!


One thought on “FRINGE: 1.05 – Power Hungry – Recap”

  1. It was touching moment when Olivia confided in Walter about her John visions. I’m sure we haven’t seen the last of him.

    Loved how Walter made Olivia’s necklace float. It was almost as cool as the tracking pigeons.

    The Observer was back. He walked out of the elevator right before it crashed. I wonder what that means?

    I was surprised to see Astrid willing to be alone with Walter after the last episode. But apparently she forgives and forgets. And Walter still can’t remember her name, but at least he now knows what letter it starts with.

    Walter continues to check with Peter about his health which reinforces my belief that he experimented on his son.

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