TV REWIND: Buffy Season 4 & Angel Season 1


It has been a week since I finished the third season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and you know what I have been up to?  I have continuously been watching the fourth season of Buffy alonside the first season of Angel, because they cooincide with each other.  Overall, they are their own story, but once in a while, there were cross-over episodes, where say Buffy went to Angel, or Angel went to Buffy, or even small things such as a telephone call were repeated in both episodes.


For Buffy, this season was all about her adapting to college life and everything.  We met a few new characters this season, like Riley, and Tara.  Riley was part of this underground military confound that specialized in taking out evil things such as vampires, demons, and the forces of darkness (Buffy’s job). Unknowingly, they were really collecting demons for their own evil needs. You see, they were busy creating ADAM, a human/demon/robot type thing that is virtually undestructable.  Until Buffy was possesed by something or other at the end.

Also Spike was a main character this season.  I love Spike’s character.  This season, he was captured by the Initiative (see above paragraph) and planted a chip in  his head that doesn’t allow him to hurt or bit anyone.  Other than demons that is.  I love that concept. This ran on for the rest of the season.

Of course relationships were flaring, as they always do for this series.  Xander dated Anya through the whole season, which had it’s ups and downs, and I really like her character.  Buffy dated Riley the second half of the season, and I guess she still is.  Willow dated Oz the first half of the season until he cheated on her with another werewolf, and left the show.  The second half of the show, Willow met Tara and came out of the closet towards the end of the season.  Oh yeah, and Giles was dating someone as well, only seen in about three episodes though.

This brings us to the finale.  This was a strange episode, almost felt filler.  The episode before the finale felt more like a finale.  Anyways the last episode of the season, the scoobie gang fell asleep and the ghost of the first slayer tried to kill them.  I will say, however, that whoever wrote this episode did a darn good job, I loved that episode, even though it was very confusing.


Originally, before I even began watching the first season of Buffy, I was getting into Angel, until a friend told me I had to watch Buffy first, in order to truly understand Angel. So I did.  Watched the first three seasons of Buffy leading up to Angel, and you know what? I like Buffy so much more than Angel right now.

Angel is what you can call the guy’s version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. He’s doing the exact same thing, just in Los Angeles.  The form is different, it is more like a detective show than Buffy.  But the cases are the same.

The first season of Angel introduced us to some nice characters.  Not as great as Buffy’s characters, but they had their own flair.  Doyle, who was a half-demon who had the ability to see people in danger was Angel’s sidekick, and Cordelia from previous seasons of Buffy came into the show as Angel’s secretary.  Then in an act of bravery, Doyle sacrificed himself to save his friends, and Wesely from third season of Buffy came into the show, replacing Doyle.  Actually, Cordelia replaced Doyle, by inheriting his powers.

In the finale, we learn that if Angel gets through a ton of obstacles, and if he does his job right, he will become human again.  I’m guessing this is foreshadowing to the second season.  Just a guess, he won’t become human. Well, off to see the fifth season of Buffy, and second of Angel, peace out!


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