HEROES: 3.05 – Angels and Monsters – Recap


This episode of Heroes basically started off right where the last left us hanging.  Peter traveled to the future, and now he’s back angry at Sylar for being related to him.  So he snapped his neck, but of course, Sylar can’t die, he just recovered quickly to find Peter starting to kill Angela, but Sylar saved her life, and guess what Sylar and HRG are partners again.

Both of Claires moms are worried about Claire. She has the ability to live forever, but there are men out there who have unique abilities that could hurt Claire.  Like the man who can suck people into black holes. Well Claire’s biological mom didn’t care too much about him, cause she saught after the “Puppet Man” because he is apparently more dangerous, and we’ll find out why later.  

At the black hole guy’s house, Claire arrived to take down her first baddy, but she was surprised to find out that this man was in fact innocent, and was just looking for his family.  She had him until he over powered her, and explained himself.  She agreed to help him find his family, cause she’s the good guy..err girl.  Anyways seconds later, he created a black hole when HRG and Sylar ran in.  They got out of it, but lets just say Claire wasn’t too happy to see that Daddy was working with the Boogy man.

They found the black hole guy later in the episode.  Claire told him that her father was willing to listen, but he said it doesn’t matter because his family didn’t want to see him.  HRG pointed a gun at him and told him to kill Sylar.  Even though Sylar was evil, the man couldn’t become a killer so he created a black hole and sucked himself into it…nice.

Hiro had to unbury Adam Monroe, who was buried alive in order for help.  Adam knew about the formula, and agreed to help Hiro and Ando.  They went to a bar, where Adam was able to lose Hiro.  Later on Daphne and the other villains caught up to Hiro and Ando, and ordered him to kill Ando.  Naturally, Hiro didn’t even think twice, and killed Ando with a sword.  WHAT???

We learned that Suresh kidnapped a man to do tests on, but we also learned that theres more going on.  Maya told Suresh that his neighbor has gone missing, then we learned later that Suresh had his neighbor all stuck inside a web like thing.  It was gross. Kind of looked like oversized snot.

Maya found the man later on in the episode and called Suresh a monster after finding his….nest.  She shouldn’t have done that, cause then Suresh put her up in a web of snot as well.

Claire’s mom went ot see the Puppet Man, and we learned that he has the ability to control people’s actions.  Tonight we only saw a small portion of his abilities, it’s going to be intense next week as he forces Claire and her mom to play a game of Russian Roulette.

Then Angela had yet another vision of the future involving the dead bodies of Nathan, Peter, and Traci.  All by that hands of none other than Mr. Patrelli. 

We also learned that Matt Parkman’s father is controlling the vision of Mr. Linderman.  Good to know he doesn’t exist after all.  Turns out he is working for Mr. Patrelli.

Good episode overall, I’m interested in seeing WHAT THE HECK HAPPENED WITH ANDO!


One thought on “HEROES: 3.05 – Angels and Monsters – Recap”

  1. As this episode unfolded it was easy to see the foreshadowing that Arthur was behind Pinehearst, the mind version of Linderman and Daphne’s theft of ½ the formula. I didn’t see the Maury part coming though because I thought he was trapped in his own mind still.


    And more importantly, I can’t figure out who is the good guy – Angela or Arthur? Or is it a matter of the lesser of two evils? Who do we cheer for? Who are the real villains?


    The Claire storyline was pretty boring except for revealing The Puppet Master (Eric Doyle). I have a feeling we are going to see much more of him.

    And Mohinder transformation is just getting gross. However, I’m afraid of what he’s going to do to Nathan and Tracy next week.

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