SUPERNATURAL: 4.04 – Metamorphosis – Recap


“If I didn’t know you, I would want to hunt you.” Dean to Sam

This episode started off where I believe last week’s left off.  Dean went off to stop Sam from whatever evil-doing he was up to.  Well we start off seeing Sam and Ruby taking care of yet another demon.  Apparently, they were looking for the demon known as Lilith.  The demon they were questioning then said that he and Ruby have been doing secretive things themselves that would make Sam’s morals look questionable.  This upset Sam, and he used his super-powers to take the demon out of the body.  Dean, sitting in the bushes the whole time, saw what Sam just did.  You can guess he wasn’t all too happy.

He also learned that Ruby was the girl he was with.  This set him off, and almost killed her, but Sammy stopped his brother. The next day, Dean was packing up his things, ready to leave.  He told Sam that he didn’t need him, because he had Ruby to help him kill demons.  This set the brothers into a huge argument.  Sam trying to defend himself, while Dean was angry at Sam for lying to him. Well a hunter named Travis gave the boys a call about their new project.

So off we went to Missouri to meet…Jack Montgomery who was a very hungry fellow.  He looked like he just came out of a 40 day fasting period, and was dying for some real food.  Later on we saw why, he started to hulk-out to something..but all is well, he stopped.

Travis came to see the boys, telling them they had a “rugaru” on their hands.  Apparently the rugaru is harmless, until it reaches it’s thirties, and begins to change.  You see the transformation isn’t complete, until he eats human flesh.  He also learned that the only way to kill a rugaru is to toast it, burn it alive. Though Sam did his homework, and learned that some rugaru’s have gone vegan, and just said no to human flesh.  Travis said it was only a fairy tale, every rugaru he’s ever heard about had turned.

At Jack’s house, his wife accidentally cut herself, and he had to leave once he realized his wife looked appetizing.  The boys had a chat with Jack about his condition, but he said that they were just crazy, and to get off his property.  Later on that night, Jack had the urge to eat his wife, but Travis intervened.  He tied his wife and Jack up to a chair, ready to burn both of them.  He was going to burn the wife, cause she was pregnant with Jack’s child, and he will end up being a rugaru.  To save his wife, Jack attacked Travis and ate him up.  He untied his wife, but she just ran away afraid…..who’d blame her?

The boys got to Jack’s house too late, and saw what was left of Travis.  Well the rugaru showed up and knocked both the boys out cold. Sam was locked up in a closet when he woke, and Dean was laying on the dinner table.  Sam tried to convince him that there could still be good inside of him, but the urge over took him, and he was just about to bit Dean when Same broke free, and burned Jack alive.

In the end, the boys made up, and Sam told Dean he’d stop using his powers.  Until next week, Peace out!


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