PRISON BREAK: 4.07 – Five the Hard Way – Recap


You and me in a dark hole.  Just like old times, pretty ~ T-Bag

Last week on Prison Break, the gang got the fourth piece of Scylla, while betting on some horses.  Mahone got arrested by the police, and Michael doing what he does best, put together a plan to break Mahone out.  T-Bag found an 8×10 sized closet, that is apparently important, then he got caught as a fraud. Then at the end, he had a run in with Gretchen.

This episode kicked right off with T-Bag tied to a chair. After carving his good arm up with a knife, Gretchen was in the mood to kill him if he didn’t work with her, so obviously he had no choice in the matter.

At the warehouse, the boys found out that the next cardholder they are after was at Las Vegas, so that was their next move.  Meanwhile Bellick got a quick call from the secretary at Gate, telling him that she knew where T-Bag was.  So the plan was Roland, Lincoln, Sucre, and Sara were off to Las Vegas, while Michael, Mahone, and Bellick were off to find T-Bag.  Roland took this time to go insane about Las Vegas. YA WOOHOO VEGAS, BABAY YEAAAH! ~ My interpretation of Roland

Meanwhile, the General ordered the hit on Don’s life…

So Michael, Mahone, and Bellick fell right into a trap.  T-Bag stopped them all at gunpoint, and ordered them all into a van to go to an undisclosed location.  Mahone, being the rebellion that he is, decided that this is where he gets off, taking a death defying jump off the building, landing safely below.

Back at Whistler’s place, T-Bag had everyone tied up.  He demanded that Michael figure out what the pages of the bird book meant. He gave Michael a ton of pages from the book, and told him to put the puzzle pieces together.  First, he had to find the corner pieces.

While Michael was doing his thing, he checked his ankle real quick, showing us he still had his tracker tied to his foot.  While T-Bag was away, Gretchen grabbed him, and told him about the trackers, and to make sure Michael didn’t know she was in on the whole thing.  Meanwhile, Don met up with Mahone.  Mahone found out where Michael and Bellick were being held, and he said he’d personally take care of it.

Wyatt was just about to kill Don, when he found his house completely empty, he informed the General, but the General was preoccupied.  Don was at his office, waiting to talk to him.  Basically, Don told the General that if he winds up dead, there are documents that he sent to several people in the higher ups that if opened will lead straight to the General, so he said back off.

Michael finished his project, and found out the pages put together don’t make a map, but make a blue print. Maybe to remember the blue print, Michael should tattoo it onto his body.  Anyways, it’s a blue print to Gate Corporation. So Michael and T-Bag left for Gate, which seemed very empty when they got there.  They went straight for the 8×10 room, ripped open the floor, and opened a hatch.  The hatch led to a trap set up by Michael and Mahone, who locked him in a room. Left to get caught by the police.

Not for long I presume, because Gretchen gave Michael a call saying hello, and to make sure T-Bag gets out, or he’s not getting the second half of the bird book.

Meanwhile, in Las Vegas:

Lincoln told Dr. Sara about Michael’s nosebleeds.  He told her that their mother had the same thing at Michael’s age and that she died of an aneurysm.  That doesn’t sound too good for Michael.  

So the plan was on.  Sara was bait for the cardholder.  She told him that one of her goals while in Vegas was to apparently snap a picture in a hotel room. Trying to get him to invite her to his room, but he blew her off.  Then the bartender told her that the older man was going around hitting on men.  So the gang decided that Sucre would be gay in order to get the card.

Sucre was able to get up to the old man’s room pretty easily.  There the group was able to get the fifth card, and we then learned that the cardholder just wanted Sucre to sleep with his wife, cause he can’t. So they got the fifth card easily, but Roland thought he’d try his luck with the slots.  Apparently his magical device can make him win slots too.  I gotta get my hands on one of these things. Can I find them on E-bay? Well it wasn’t long before the security guards came by, and confiscated his device, and kicked him out.

So now the team are in big trouble.  Without the device, they can’t get the last card.  He said he can rebuild it, but that would take months, which they don’t have.  My guess? They might have to break into the casino to get the device back.  Also, whats going to happen to Michael?  I sure hope he turns out okay.  Well we’ll just have to wait for the next episode to find out more.


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