GHOST WHISPERER: 4.01 – Firestarter – Recap


The last time we left Melinda Gordon, she was out hanging with her friends and family when Proffesor Rick Payne noticed there were only five shadows on the ground when there were, in fact, six people in their group.  This led me to believe that Payne was dead for a number of reasons.  

  1. Ghost Whisperer has been known to kill off major characters in the show
  2. Payne doesn’t see spirits, so he shouldn’t see the missing shadow unless he was dead.
  3. Jay Mohr, who plays Payne, has his own show now, called “Gary Unmarried.” 

[Personal note: Leaving the show for Gary Unmarried would be a very unwise choice.  He is amazing in Ghost Whisperer, while in Gary Unmarried, he is just…average, nothing special.] In tonights episode, we learned the Professor Payne isn’t dead….well, at least not yet.

We kicked off this episode showing us that Melinda and Jim have been trying to get a baby.  Jim then got a call that there was a fire at the building that Payne works at.  The couple rushed to the scene, and found out that Payne was perfectly fine.  They explained the 5 shadow thing as a “bad-omen,” and Melinda has been worrying about him since.

Also at the scene, we are introduced to the new character some of you may have heard about, Eli James, played by Jamie Kennedy.  He almost died, but Jim was able to revive him.  His near-death experince gave him the ability to hear and talk to the dead, but he can’t see them.  At the hospital, Melinda noticed a ghost that was also at the burning building.  We don’t know too much about this ghost until the end, so I’ll get to that later.  

Melinda visited Payne at his office.  Here we learn that Payne is leaving the show, just not via death.  He is leaving for the himilayas.  Which still sucks for him, because his character on Gary Unmarried doesn’t even match the potential Payne has in this show.  ‘Tis a shame.

Meanwhile, Eli is having trouble coping with his new ability.  Ghosts are everywhere, surrounding him in a local bar.  To an average person, it would look like he’s….hearing voices, which he is…anyways, Melinda came by to help him out, and told the ghosts to leave and come back later.  She did that with the bartendar giving her strange faces…oh the joys of making our heroes look insane.

So, after that little bit, Melinda and Eli hung out a little while longer.  That’s when the ghost known as Fiona showed up and told Eli that she didn’t blame him. Melinda wondered what Fiona was talking about, but it didn’t take long, because an agent of the FBI showed up soon after, and took Eli in for questioning.  It appears that he is a suspect in what happened to the building.  Since they had no real evidence against him, they let him go.

Later, Eli told Melinda that he thought Fiona was the one that started the fire.  She came to him and he was helping her with some boy problems, and she fell in love with him.  When he didn’t return her love, she set his office on fire.  He also told Melinda that Fiona burnt down her foster parents house once when she was very young.

Being all investigative, Melinda had to hear both sides, and went to Fiona’s friends to question them.  They blamed Eli for what happened.  They said he broke protocol when treating her.  Helped her on off-hours, went to restaraunts together.  They said he was the one that wanted the relationship, not her. Uh oh..conflicting storylines…

That night, Fiona showed up to Eli again, and told him to stop Melinda from poking around, or she would force her to.  Than with her angry ghost powers, she lit Eli’s trash on fire.

Melinda and Eli than met with a woman who dealt with the burnt foster house.  She told the two that she didn’t think Fiona did it, there were two older foster kids in that house, and she believed Fiona took the bait so the older kids didn’t get put into Juvey.  To get more information on that case, Melinda went to the archive room to get more information.  Fiona showed up again, trying to stop her, she apparently started a fire in the room.  We learned later through some more research done by Eli and Payne that the true arson in both cases was not Fiona, but her roomate and close friend, Christian, and she had taken the blame for him both times.

In the archive room, the fire was growing strong, and Melinda and Christian were both inside, and losing breath.  Fiona had no ida that Christian was inside the room, but Melinda told Fiona to get help, go to Eli.  She did, and this was a very serous scene, Fiona asking Eli for help…all the while Payne was reaching around Eli waving his hands around trying to touch the ghost…man I love his character.

At the archive room, the mysterious ghost from the beginning showed up again, and helped Melinda and Christian out, by moving some shelves out of the way, making room for the cave from previous seasons.  Melinda took Christian into that cave to give themselves oxygen.  Soon later Jim and the gang showed up to save their lives.  But if it weren’t for that ghost, they would have been dead.  The ghost said she was just paying her back the favor.  Melinda asked what favor, to which the ghost replied that it was insignificant.  

At the end, Eli confessed that he did in fact love Fiona, and that gave her the relief she needed to move on, and go into the light.  Then at the very end, Payne showed up to give his final hug, and goodbye to Melinda. So stupid, he is one of my all time favorite characters on the show.  He said he’ll be back again, I sure hope he didn’t lie.  We’ll see though.  Catch you guys next week.  Peace out.


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