SUPERNATURAL: 4.03 – In the Beginning – Recap

Who else have noticed all of the religion-centered titles this season.  The premier was “Lazarus Rising”, and last week was “God, are you there? It’s me Dean Winchestor.” This week is “In the Beginning,” referring to the first three words in the Bible.  They really are going the spiritual route aren’t they?  Though next week’s episode is called “Monster Movie.” So….I don’t know.  Anyways, this week’s episode was fantastic, I loved it, heres the recap:

Tonight’s episode was a Dean-centered episode, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Sam wasn’t in much of it.  In fact, almost none of it, other than the beginning of the episode when he snuck out and drove off with Ruby for something mysterious. In the middle of the night, Dean woke up to of course, an Angel sitting on the edge of his bed acting all creepy like.  

Hey Dean…want some candy?


Basically, this Angel through Dean into the past, which is what the episode is all about, going to the past to stop something terrible from happening.  It turns out he was in Lawrence, Kansas.  Home sweet home.  The first person he meets? His dad, this was very much like Back to the Future.

Hey there, Biff, I finished you homework


Really though, the actor that they chose to play John Winchestor in the past pulled it off. He really looked like what I might imagine John could have been.  So what would you do if you just met your dead father from the past, just let him go? Of course not, he followed him to a car lot, where he was seen about to buy a hippy van…what?  Guess what other car was there? thats right the Metallicar, and Dean pursuaded his dad to buy it. John reached his hand out to Dean introducing himself.  You know Dean’s alias of the week is?

Dean Van Halen

Again, Dean doesn’t know why he’s there, but he thinks it could be because of his dad. So what does he do, he stalks his dad.  First he watches as John met his girlfriend, and future wife, Mary.  Then he stalked them to a nearby diner, and I swear, he was standing right next to the window they were seated by, because his mom spotted him.  She found Dean, and went all Buffy the Vampire Slayer on him!  He was able to get a hold of her, and noticed a bracelet around her wrist that dignified that she was a hunter!

So he and his mom had a little chat. They both went into her house and we met her father, played by The X-Files’ very own Walter Skinner.  Who is also a hunter.  Must have been his occupation of choice after he retired from the FBI. Together they went on a hunt, to try to find out why he was sent there.  When Dean questioned a teenager, he said he saw the yellow-eyed demon! 

So now Dean was convinced that the reason he was sent to the past was to kill the yellow-eyed demon.  So that he could live a normal life, his parents would never have died, everything would be good.  So his plan was simple go get the Cult gun, and kill the demon.  On the road, the Angel appeared before him again, and told him that if he did alter the future, all the lives he saved would be lost.  Dean thought that was a price he was willing to sacrifice for his family.

Before Dean got to the house the demon was at, his grandfather and mother arrived first, trying to help him out…fools.  This is where everything gets a whole lot more complicated.  When Dean got there, the yellow-eyed demon left it’s current body.

So Dean and his future grandfather had a talk.  He told him the truth, that he was from the future, all that jazz.  Guess what, the yellow eyed demon was inside his body! Holy crap, things do not look good from here.  Because Dean just set everything into motion.  He told the demon everything he needed to know to have history repeat itself.  Truly remarkable.  Then his grandfather took out a knife and stabbed himself, went over to his wife and killed her as well.  Then he left.

The demon showed up to Mary and John about to make out, and he KILLED JOHN! What!!  Then he made a deal with Mary, he said he’d restore John’s life, in order to come back ten years later to get something.  All she needed to do was kiss him….wait….what?  You heard me right.  Dean’s mother kissed her father. It was a little hard to see, I am not sure if it was just a peck or full on kiss.  But it doesn’t matter, the deed was done, and the demon left her father’s body.  

That’s when the Angel grabbed Dean, and took him…Back to the Future.  He explained that he needed him to know how it all went down, so he could know everything they did (angels.)  Then he told him to go stop Sam from doing something bad.  TO BE CONTINUED…

Wow, what an episode, I must say.  I was very much into it.  Next week they get pulled into a B/W episode based off of old horror flicks.  Should be interesting for sure.  Until then, peace out.




One thought on “SUPERNATURAL: 4.03 – In the Beginning – Recap”

  1. Dean’s real purpose for being pulled from Hell is starting to take form.

    My favorite lines:

    When Dean realizes he’s gone back in time, he asks if “angels got their hands on some Deloreans.”

    When Castiel shows up in the passenger seat of the pinto, Dean asks if this means “God’s my co-pilot.”

    And someone please tell me why every time someone travels back in time, there’s a reference to Tab. Is that the universal sign of time travel?

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