SMALLVILLE: 8.03 – Toxic – Recap


This episode shot right off with Chloe and Clark kicking it at a night club.  She took this time to nag Clark with the fact that he’s always hanging around Lois, and that they are in love.  Well she didn’t say that…but it’s true…I SWEAR.  Guess who else showed up at the night club?  The Green Arrow, thats right, Oliver Queen, drunk as ever, falling all over the place.  What a mess.  Actually, he was poisoned, so I really shouldn’t be giving him so much crap.

Hey guys!

 So it’s time to save Oliver, Clark, he carried him to…I’m not sure where they took him, but it doesn’t matter. I think it’s the Isis Foundation, shut up if I’m wrong, cause it really…really doesn’t matter.  So Chloe called her new paramedic friend to help out, Davis Bloom, aka “Doomsday.”

At the Daily Planet, Lois ran into Tess, and Tess gave Lois the story on Oliver. Nothing else really happened here.

So here’s where the episode really get’s interesting.  We take a look inside Oliver’s head and see how he started off.  Apparently, he used to be a wealthy man, but for some odd reason, he was sent to a seemingly empty island, where he had to train himself to become The Green Arrow, for survival reasons.  He was there for two years.  Wow.

One day, after years of living on the island, he tripped over a poisonous flower and died.  Actually no, he got sick, and who was there to help him get better? Tess Mercer, going by the name Mercy back then, and looking a heck of a lot like Kate from LOST.

Oliver saved Tess’s life that day.  He overpowered their captors, and somehow took her off the island.

Back at the Isis Foundation, Chloe showed Clark who new super ability, and Clark told us, the viewer, a possible reason why she has this ability, and it makes perfect sense.  Last year, Brainiac tried to enter her brain, and something crazy happened, and he was very weak.  All his intelligence must have went into Chloe’s head.  THATS AWESOME.

So Chloe, with her power, found out that it was a flower that poisoned Oliver.  And the antidote was inside of a Luthorcorp building.  So Clark  went to ask Tess if she knew anything about it.  She told him that it was in Brazil, and even if they could get it, there would be no time to get it back.

At the Isis Foundation, Oliver began to crash.  Clark, of course, was right on time with the serum, and told Bloom to use the syringe.  Being a professional paramedic, Bloom should have questioned what the heck the serum even was, but time was short, so it’s understandable.  Olly woke up right away and told them that Tess was in danger.

Indeed she was.  Her captors from the island somehow tracked her down to Metropolis.  They came up behind her, but over the years, I guess she learned some good fighting techniques.  I mean, she’s a girl on Smallville, they all learn kung-fu one day or another.  But alas, her captor had the upper hand, she was ten seconds away from dying when Clark ran in and saved the day.

Oliver met up with Tess again.  It seems that they have dated in the past, something went sour, and now she works for his worst enemy, what do you know.  She handed him a folder for some reason giving him proof that Lionel Luthor killed his parents.  He got angry at Clark for that one.  I mean, best buds tell each other everything.

At the end, Tess bailed her captor out of jail, and poisoned him.  I guess that’ll be the end of that useless guy.  Pretty good episode, but just average if you ask me.  See you guys next week, peace out.


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