HOUSE: 5.03 – Adverse Events – Recap


Let’s all shout for joy, because House is back.  Who’s the patient of the week? Jon Arbuckle.  Well, that’s who the actor played in Garfield, but in this episode he plays a very talented painter, who sucks at painting one day, so obviously there’s something terribly wrong with him right? RIGHT!

Theory #1 – Brain Tumor

“IT’S NOT A TUMA!” ~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Well, that’s what the tests proved…duh.  House knew it was because they guy was on drugs.  Not just any drugs either.  The guy was a Guinea pigs for unapproved drugs that would be used at drug stores. 

Theory #2 – Put him on dialysis!

Well this one didn’t work out too well either, because before you knew it, Jon’s neck began to blow up like a balloon.  Quite entertaining really, but if it were me?  eeesh! 

Theory #3 – Put him back on those unapproved drugs!

This plan actually worked for a little bit, until Jon’s hormones shot through the roof.

Theory #4 – Give him an MRI!

This was the final step.  The MRI showed that Jon had arrhythmia, which explained all the things that happened to him throughout the episode. House figured out at the very end, that his problem, was that he had a huge hairball-like thing in his stomach which was collecting the drugs he was taking.  Then the next day it would spill out into his stomach, giving him weird problems.  Awesome.

As for the separate storyline this episode:  House is still having fun with his newest friend, the private investigator guy.  Is this guy supposed to be the new replacement for Wilson?  I don’t know, I like his character and everything, but I do miss Wilson.  No worries though, because Wilson will be back next week, you’ll see!  Anyways, he had the PI dig up information on all his students, and the main issue was Taub’s wife had a secret bank account that she didn’t tell him about.

At first he said he wasn’t going to pry into his wife’s life, because they like their life the way it is.  Well, it got to him, and he eventually talked to her about it, it seemed she had the account because she bought him a new car! Lol, funny stuff, but now he felt guilty about keeping a secret from her, so at the end, he decided to tell her the secret.  We just have to wait and see how their relationship goes in future episodes. 

Also, the PI guy asked Cuddy out, lol, and she actually went with him.  His deal was she would have a date with him if he could dig up something dirty on House.  He found a picture of House cheerleading, at first they thought it was doctored, but then he learned that at the end, House really was a cheerleader! lol, I’m sorry, I just can’t picture that!


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