PRISON BREAK: 4.06 – Blow Out Recap


Last week on Prison Break, the gang set out to find the third computer card.  Gretchen escaped her prison after smelling what could only be described as “The smell of death.”  Lastly, the General found out that Don Self has been looking into him.  On with this weeks episode!

We kick off tonight’s episode with a bang! The whole gang were in progress of what looked like a very elaborate plan to snatch the next piece of Scylla.  The entire beginning segment of the episode never stopped it’s action, very exciting.  To make a long story short, the gang were at a horse racing derby, and their plan was to get to the manager’s office to plant Roland’s device.  

Was the manager involved in the company? No, actually, they made sure that one of the horses gates got jammed when opening, so the man that worked for the company would get angry enough to go to the manager’s office.  A brilliant plan.  Well done, Michael. [Quick observation: This is the 4th out of 6 cards needed for Scylla in six episodes.  What will happen in the show when they get the rest of the cards?] Now to get the device back, that was Mahone’s job, but something went screwy, and before you knew it, he was getting caught by the police in a restricted area. So he was arrested with the device the team needed.

In what looked like Pleasantville, Gretchen showed up at her sister’s house.  She explained that she was stranded in the desert for quite a while, and had to walk the whole way.  I am sure glad that T-Bag didn’t eat her. Things like that can happen in the desert.  After a quick hot shower, she was ready for some action.  She busted out a gun she had hidden in her sister’s house, which scared her sister.  Then we learned the little girl her sister was taking care of was actually Gretchen’s daughter…wow.  Saying her goodbyes, she was off, a girl on a mission.

At Gate Co., things are beginning to look a little sketchy on T-Bag’s end.  To keep his job there, he had to fill out some paperwork on his clients, but one of his superiors came in telling him that there was an inconsistency with his work, it seemed the social security numbers his clients gave him were all fake.  He got away with that, but my guess is that he won’t be able to stay there for much longer.  

Meanwhile, Don was informed about Mahone’s arrest, but he had to cut the call short, because there was a pesky IT guy sitting at his desk without authorization. We learned later that this IT guy was really a man that works for The Company, and was there keeping an eye on Don.

At the police station, Don showed up ready to bail Mahone out, but since he hit a police officer, he couldn’t do it.  So he had Mahone sign a release form for his possessions, so they could get Roland’s device now, and figure out everything else later. 

At the federal building, Wyatt showed up to give Don a friendly hello. He told him that The General likes his privacy. Don told Mike that he had a conversation with Wyatt, which made him realise that if he can get to him, he can get to Mahone, which makes Mahone a liability, and he may need to be killed.  Michael wasn’t ready to accept that just yet.

At Gate Corporation, T-Bag found some more bird book clues.  It seemed he found a closet room that was the exact same dimensions that were in the book.  This room, I’m guessing is very important, which means he’s getting close.  This room reminded me of the storage room in Season 1 the gang used to dig a hole.  Ahh, the glory days.

At Mahone’s court hearing, Wyatt showed up.  He wasn’t the only one, Sara also came, as well as Sucre.  Something was obviously up.  You guessed it, another genius plan put together by Michael.  They took over the power for the court building.  They increased the power, making all the lights go out, giving Sucre and Sara enough time to get Mahone out unnoticed.  Incredible.  As they were escaping, Wyatt very convincingly pointed his finger at Mahone, pantomiming pulling a trigger.  Hey, it’s more scary than taunting a victim with lemonade.

Back at Gate, T-Bag was approached again by his superior.  He told him that he found even more inconsistencies in his report.  He was caught as a fraud, and had to run.  The closet room will have to wait for a later episode.  At the end, at Whistler’s hideaway spot, Gretchen ran into T-Bag.  Apparently, she has never met him before.  I never thought about that. Cue the end credits.

Next week, it seems the show is going to get even more like the Oceans 11 movies, as the gang sets off to Las Vegas.  This should be interesting.

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