HEROES: 3.03 – One of Us, One of Them – Recap


It’s Heroes time everyone! Heroes is back again, and like any Heroes episode, this one was completely packed.  So lets get right to it!

Last time we left Heroes, we learned that Angela Petrelli is apparently Sylar’s mom.  Well they continued this story a bit further, explaning that she gave him up for adoption.  That’s just too weird for me, but whatever. It’s Heroes.  Since Sylar has been captured, Angela noticed that he needed to be fed, so she offered him an innocent super-hero to take her power.  Is Angela good or bad?  


The villains that escaped level five last week, fly under the radar this episode by robbing a bank.  Well not really, it seems they are only doing this to get The Company’s attention, so they can kill whoever comes. Which is HRG and Sylar, but I’ll get to that in a little bit.  Peter’s identity was found out by one of the other villains.


HRG’s first partner was the man who could turn invisible.  His latest was the Hatian.  Now Angela told him his newest partner would be none other than Sylar! What!?!  HRG was in about the same amount of surprise as me, as he said he did not like that idea, because Sylar was a monster, but he really had no choice.  Papa Bennett and Sylar were now partners.

HRG and Sylar got the call about the hostage situation at the bank, so off they went.  At the scene, Sylar actually put on a pretty good act pretending to be a FBI agent.  Pretty histarical.  So their first step was to get someone inside that bank, HRG decided it would be him.  Stupid idea, retard, you have no powers, and Sylar is a homocidal maniac with a ton of powers, think that through!  Oh well, HRG is stubborn.  So in he went.

Inside, Mr. Bennett was taken hostage with the others, just what they planned.  They were about to kill him when Peter yelled at them to stop, this is when we realize Peter’s new ability, sound manipulation.  His yells were equal to punches, and they knocked out all the villains.  Just than, time stopped, and future Peter took modern-Peter out of Jesse.  So now, Jesse was about to kill HRG, but Sylar intervened, saving HRG’s life.  They actually made an okay team.  

While they were finishing up stuff at the bank, Sylar backstabbed HRG, locking him outside while he killed Jesse for his power.  He said that he could never be anything more than a cold-blooded killer.  Now THAT’S the Sylar I like!


In Japan, Hiro and Ando were still after the Speedster that Hiro called “Nemesis.”  They told her to give up the second half of the formula, she said no…just filler really.  Then all their powers stopped as a familiar face walked by with a briefcase, the Hatian!

Later, Hiro and Ando treat themselves to a movie, and the Speedster was also there, interupting the movie.  They bikkered a little, [I swear they are going to get married.]  Then, look who was also enjoying Godzilla, or whatever those Japanese people watch these days, the Hatian was at the movies too, going out the back door, so off they went to spy.

While spying they put together a plan to steal the briefcase, because it had to be important.  So amazingly they were actually able to get it, just before Speedster stole THAT away too.  I don’t like her character.  She’s mean.


Parkman is still out in the middle of no where with the crazy African version of Isiaac Mendez.  He showed him several future painting of Parkman’s life.  He also showed him a painting of what would have been had he not have changed the past, so he had to remove the painting, and re-paint.  He put his walkman on and went to work.  When he was done, it was a painting of Parkman, carrying a girl that appeared to be dead.  My guess..it’s Speedster. At the end we see the African guy put the headphones on Parkman, and it seems he could see the future as well….weird..


After half the episode of Claire whining about not being able to save the world, her mom brough her into a storage container.  Much like the same container that Peter was found in last season’s premiere.  Her training was simple, survival.  She burnt the inside of the container, making it difficult for Claire to breathe, taking out all the oxygen.  Good training, but why wasn’t her mom sweating or losing any breath? Plot hole…. 


After testing out her cool new super power, she consulted Nathan, asking him who this Nikki person is.  He has nothing to say, because to him, she is Nikki.  So she sets off to find more answers.  She showed up at her own funeral, or rather the real Nikki.  Which means she can only be Jessica, or….a twin?  But she met up with Nikki’s son.  He knew right off the bat she wasn’t his mother, but he felt confortable enough to show off his power.  He used it to help her find more things out.  Apparently she and Nikki had the same doctor, so OFF she went to meet with Dr. Strange..or whatever. When she showed up at Dr. Strange’s house, he told her that he created her….what now?

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