FRINGE: 1.04 – The Arrival Recap


Fringe is back, and what an episode! We start this episode off in a diner.  You see this creepy bald guy with no taste in food who ordered something nasty, but thats not the point.  This guy was writing something down in his notepad in a different language. Let’s just say it wasn’t an earthly language.  

Is he an alien? The only other option is it’s a child language he created when he was younger, and could never let it go.  Anyways, there he was eating a nasty sub sandwich, and jotting down strange notes.  He busted out his cool futuristic binoculars, that had some awesome technology built-in (I want one of those!)  After scoping out some construction workers, an explosion of some kind went off, and off the bald man left.  He put on his Men in Black suit and walked to the site and said “It has arrived.”  OOOOOh, what is it?

Meanwhile Walter is blurting out the chemical formula for root beer at 3AM.

Broyles, the other creepy man in this episode ordered the team together at the construction site.  Walter ordered the bullet-like thing back to his lab for further investigation.  Meanwhile, a guy jumped out of a science fiction film, and started blasting people away with a pulse-ray gun, or something.  He was obviously looking for the thingy-mabob.  

In the middle of the night, Olivia got a phone call from…….Walter, telling her the formula to Dr. Pepper! oh wait, no, it was John! She hears dead people!  After trying to trace it, she found out that according to phone records, there hasn’t been a call placed to her home in three hours.

Olivia went through some pictures, and saw a picture of the creepy bald guy from the beginning.  She recognized him from another picture she saw before.  She took that information to Broyles, and he confirmed that the guy was in fact creepy.  He’s been sighted all over the place when it comes to strange phenomena, he is called “The Observer.”

Well Walter thought it might be a good time to have a root beer float with The Observer.  I guess they are old pals.  He thanked Walter for hiding the thingy-mabob, and that all his questions would be answered soon……..waaaa?

Okay, so theres something you should know.  The guy from Sci-fi movies with the weird gun, also has the ability to read your mind.  Well, after he hooks you up to a machine and frys your brain.  So he was able to get a hold of Peter.  He wanted the location of the beacon his father hid, but Peter didn’t know where it was.  Though sci-fi guy was able to extract the location from Pete’s head, which was extrememly weird.

So he took Peter to a graveyard, and dug up a grave, found the beacon.  Good thing Olivia came up out of nowhere, and shot the guy in the back.  The only problem was, before she could get the beacon, it made itself vanish into earth’s crust, going somewhere, never to be seen again.  Then Peter had a run in with old creepy face, and this guy could read Peter’s mind.  Knew everything he was going to say……….WEIRD.

So now the day is over, and Peter asked Walter how he knew where the beacon was hidden when he really didn’t.  Walter told him it was because of osmosis and proximity, and that the creepy observer saved both their lives when he was just a little boy.  Which means when he read Walter’s mind, Walter’s and Peter’s mind could have meshed together…just a theory.

Then at the end, Olivia ran into John……..AHHH CREEPY

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One thought on “FRINGE: 1.04 – The Arrival Recap”

  1. The mystery continues to expand on Fringe and I’m guessing that The Observer holds the key to understanding The Pattern or at least part of it.

    I’m still banking on there being something “special” about Peter. Something more than his near death experience as a child. Is it coincidence that Peter unknowingly knew information Walter hadn’t shared? Is there something more to their relationship? Are they connected in a different way than most fathers and sons?

    Peter’s mom was mentioned again, but only in the fact that Walter considered her small-minded and that she questioned Walter’s judgment (I can’t imagine why).

    And who did Peter call when he was planning on bailing on Walter responsibilities?

    Did anyone else think that Olivia’s reaction when she heard Henry Jacobson was a little weird? But when they met she acted like it was a pleasure to see him. And then he advises her to stay away from the cylinder. Was that because he was worried about her or was it a warning?

    Favorite parts:

    Walter reciting the formula for root beer at 3 a.m. because he might want to make some in the lab.

    Walter sending Peter out in a hurry for aluminum because their lives depend on it and then asking him to stop off and pick him up a root beer float.

    Walter likes to talk to Peter naked because he prefers the breeze.

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