CHUCK: 2.01 – Chuck Vs. The First Date – Recap


“Really!? Did somebody order drivethrough? Were you just thinking of what to say while driving up to the window?! When I crash through the window I’ll jump out of the car and say, “DID SOMEBODY ORDER DRIVETHROUGH!?!?!?”

That’s right, Chuck fans! Chuck is back.  It seems like years have passed since our beloved secret carrying geek was last seen.  This episode kicks right off with the guy well known for his role in “The Green Mile” was seen dangling Chuck off a building.  It wasn’t long before Casey and Sarah saved the day.  It appeared, the whole incident was about the Cypher, which is known to be the next device that powers the intersect, which meant once that’s booted up, Chuck is scheduled to die.  But he doesn’t know that. He thinks he is free!

So it’s happy-go-lucky time for Chuck.  He thinks that his life is back on track, plays a little music in the morning.  Does a little dance, and runs into Captain Awesome naked in the shower.  After that little incident, he told his sister that his there will be big changes in his life soon, so he’s going to sieze the day…or whatever.  At Buy More, he bumped into Casey, and told him that he’d miss him, and thanked him for what he’s done.  This obviously put guilt into Casey, cause he was the hitman hired to kill Chuck.  Then the manager offered Chuck the assistant manager job, but he didn’t take it.  His punishment was to decide who would be the new assistant manager.

Still on his happy pills, Chuck went to see Sarah at her new job at “Orange, Orange.” An obvious rip-off of Orange Julius.  He just came up and asked her on a real date.  I was surprised, but she accepted.  Aww. So cute.  Something is bound to go wrong, but comeone! Let me enjoy this moment…….ahhh okay, lets move on.

At Casey’s place, a “UPS” man comes.  He is there to pick up the Cypher, so when he gives him the Cypher, the UPS man passed gas on Casey.  What? He did!  On their date, the two love-birds were giggling over random stuff, Sarah forced Chuck to tell her everything that’s great about her.  Chuck said, “I wonder what Casey would think about this.” Sarah replied “It would probably kill him.”

Meanwhile, Casey was dying from the gas the poisoned him. He was able to save himself.  The first thing he did was activate Chuck’s homing device.

At the restaurant, right before he and Sarah kiss, he conveniantly has one of his episodes.  Everyone in the restaurant was a bad guy.  The guy from “Green Mile” showed up again, and introduced himself as Mr. Cult.  Before anything else happened, Casey drove through the glass, and shouted out, “Somebody order drive-through?” LOL.

So now the bad guys have the Cypher again, and Chuck is back to being Chuck.  No more happy pills, just good old Chuck.  Today, he had to begin doing those interviews for assistant manager.  While doing his interviews, he flashed on one of Casey’s scars, it told him where their hideout is.  He told Casey, but for some reason, he didn’t feel like going into action right away.  Chuck was able to convince Casey to get off his butt and go to work, so off they went to Orange Orange.  Chuck layed the responsibility of finding a new assistant manager to Morgan.  Apparently his way of hiring a new employee is to have an employee fight off in the backroom’s cage.  LOL

Casey and Sarah end up at the location Chuck gave them, but it was too late, Mr. Cult was already gone.  At Buy More, Chuck got an emergency computer call from you guessed it, Mr. Cult.  He got Chuck alone, with no one to help him.  This is where Chuck actually makes a genius move.  He impersonates a CIA agent, telling him the agents are surrounding the building.  He even called Morgan, who gave off the stats from their video game, which made Mr. Cult believe Chuck.  Giving him time to get away with the Cypher.  

Still running away from Mr. Cult, Chuck was caught in a jam, and Cult caught up, and through him off the roof, Sarah saw this and freaked out.  But when Chuck fell, Casey was below and was able to catch him.  On the rooftop, Sarah and Mr. Cult fight it out.  Pretty good fight, too.  Then Chuck showed up with about 20 CIA agents or so, still looking like he is a CIA agent after all.   

Now that Chuck got the Cypher back, Casey was ordered to kill Chuck again.  So that night, Casey broke into Chuck’s home and crept down the stairs, his silent pistol ready in hand.  He was just about to kill Chuck when Sarah showed up at his house.  They were about to go on a second date, but she said she has to cancel, because the Cypher was failed, and Chuck is once again the intercept.  So Casey backed off.

I am glad to see Chuck again, but man, Monday nights are busy.  I have four hours of television to watch, then write recaps…..I am exhausted.  I’ll see you guys next week, Peace out!

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