THE MENTALIST: 1.01 – Pilot review

I just got finished watching the premier episode of CBS’s new fall drama, “The Mentalist.” What’s my general opinion of it? I like it!  The idea of the show has been done before, maybe some of you may recognize similarities between this show and USA’s comedy show, “Psych.”

If you are a fan of Psych, than imagine Psych ten years in the future, and Shawn has stopped being an immature wise-crack, and became serious.  Stopped pretending to be a psychic, you would get “The Mentalist.”  Patrick Jane, the star character in this series has the same ability Shawn Spencer has, he even made a living off of pretending to be a psychic, and working as a psychic consultant to the police…everything matches.  I actually think they made that part because of Psych.

Other than the similarities between the two show, The Mentalist itself is actually very good.  Basically, he observes little things that most people wouldn’t notice, and makes sense of everything.  It’s quite intelligent actually.  The first episode was about a serial killer case that he personally has been working on for several years. 

The serial killer they are after happens to be the same serial killer that murdered his family years before.  At the end, they catch the guy, but personally, I think they shouldn’t have.  It would have built up a perfect season with Patrick struggling to catch his families killer.  Either or, I enjoyed it.  I’ll tune in when the next episode airs. Peace out!


One thought on “THE MENTALIST: 1.01 – Pilot review”

  1. Im wondering if later in the show if they will bring up if he has always had such excellent observational skills, if he has an illness that allows him to be so intelligent, had a head injury or what.

    There are various personalities types such as INJF’s that have great observational, and intuitive skills.

    I think this would be a great show for psych students to watch.

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