SMALLVILLE: 8.02 – Plastique Recap


This episode kicked off on Clark Kent’s first day working for the Daily Planet.  I’m excited! This is pretty big for Smallville.  I liked this episode…a lot. A lot of things happened that I’ve been waiting for way too long. Anyways.  Clark showed up for his first day of work in, yeah…flanel.  The first thing I’m thinking is, I like that he’s working for the Daily Planet…but I’ve never seen Clark Kent, reporter, wear flanel.  NO WORRIES THOUGH, Lois read our thoughts and got Clark some nice dress clothes to wear, blue, of course.  

Out of no where, a bomb goes off somewhere outside the Daily Planet.  The force alone was enough to knock Lois into Clark’s hands…teehee.  Clark set her upright, and sped off to save people.  You heard me right.  SAVE PEOPLE.  It’s about time!  Apparently there was a bus bomb…but not really…I’ll explain later.  To the right, you’ll see Clark ripping open a bus to save the people inside.  2 quick quesions: Do the people in the bus not see Clark using super-human abilities? and What about the people outside the bus…in plain sight? Anyways.  Among the people he saved was a 15-year old girl who DC comic fans will recognize as Plastique, to others, she’s just a girl.  And the other person he saved was Tess Mercer.

Chloe is also in Metropolis when this all went down.  In fact, Chloe spotted Plastique walking around in pain, so she went to help her out, and called a paramedic to help her out.  The paramedic, Davis Bloom, will also be a new recurring character this season.  Clark is still carrying around people, but the Daily Planet needed him.

At the Daily Planet, Clark was informed that “the boss” wanted to see him.  Guess who his boss is? Since Lex isn’t in the show anymore, it’s obvious that Tess would take his place at the Daily Planet.  She said she knew about his and Lex’s friendship, and that Lex “told her everything about you” (Clark).  She wondered if he knew where Lex was, like last week, Clark still didn’t know where Lex was.  When he left, Tess told her assistant that she would be keeping a close eye on him personally.

So at the hospital, Chloe offered her home to the 15 year-old girl she met earlier.  She said no at first, but warmed up to the thought. Out in Metropolis again, Lois and Clark investigate what happened further.  Lois wanted to get through the crime scene tape, but they wouldn’t let her.  Clark used his super-hearing to overhear there was no bomb.  Which led him to believe a meteor freak caused the explosion.

So obviously, his first step was to ask one of the victims of the explosion if they saw anything strange.  So lets ask…the 15 year old girl..of course.  She didn’t understand what he was talking about, and he told her about the meteor infected people, and she said that her friend Tony could have done it.  So it’s off to see Tony.  He freaked out when they were about to question him, and he ran, but he was cornered.  Just then a barrell next to him exploded.  We saw that Plastique here, killed him.  I knew it all along.

At the Isis Foundation, Chloe was struggling with a lightbulb, and who else to help her than…..Davis Bloom! Of course!  Anyways, there was a little bit of romantic tension here, but Chloe ended that showing him her engagement ring.  Which he automatically thought she was engaged to Clark, LOL.

Investigating some more, Lois and Clark are trying to find evidence that Tony was in fact, meteor infected.  It turns out there was no meteor rocks in his blood stream which only means, it was “Psycho Spice” as Chloe put it.

At Chloe’s apartment Psycho Spice was getting upset, had some fire in her eyes, and couldn’t control her power, though she was trying.  She told Chloe that some very bad people were after her, we the viewer know she’s talking about 33.1.  Chloe tried to tell her that she understood, but there was no stopping Psycho Spice, so Chloe bolted, and was almost killed, but Clark saved her life..phew! 

After everything has cleared up a bit, Clark confronted Chloe about her engagement.  She said the reason she never told him was because she didn’t want the things between her and Clark to change yet, and it will when she gets married.  Clark reassured her that everything’s okay.

At 33.1, or some other prison, Tess showed up to meet Plastique.  She told her she wants her on a team of “heroes”.  Which actually means villains, which actually means the Anti-Justice League.  Interesting.

At the very end, here we go.  Most people know that there is a secret to Davis Bloom’s character, some people don’t, but the point is, he’s supposed to be Doomsday, so my guess is it is like a Hulk-like thing.  Chloe called him to thank him for some things, and told him to be safe, and we see him lying in teh middle of the street, with something under his head trying to get out!

The all-time best picture ever

Overall…this was a great episode, lots of great Lois and Clark investigation scenes, I’ve been waiting for that forever.  Also, great scenes of Clark being a hero.  I’m actually excited for next week, peace out!


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