SUPERNATURAL: 4.02 – Are You There God? It’s Me, Dean Winchester Recap


“Dude…where’s the pie?” ~ Dean

Last week on Supernatural, we learned that Dean has a little guardian angel watching over him.  In tonights episode, we learned why everything is happening.  And it’s one heck of a shocker.

The episode started off showing us Olivia, another hunter in the majority of hunters in the world.  She wakes up to some strange mojo happening, so naturally, she grabbed a gun out of her stash of weapons and went to work.  In front of her, a strange man appeared staring at her.  So she shot him, he vanished.  Then he reappeared, and so did a woman, these obviously weren’t demons, because salt did not effect them.  The weird people then killed her.  Cue “Supernatural” logo.

So, now we’re introduced to our golden boys, Sam and Dean, once again arguing about the angel. Dean is convinced that the angel is really a demon.  Sam is convinced otherwise.  Bobby intervened saying the only logical thing that can pull a soul out of the pit is an angel, from what he can tell nothing else can do that. Dean doesn’t understand, and he asked the age old question, if God really exists, why does he allow so many bad things to happen, and why does he care about me? I’m just a normal guy.

So I guess Sam was out at the gas station to buy Dean some pie when Ruby showed up.  She wanted to know if it was true about Dean being saved by an angel.  Sam said he believes so, so Ruby freaked out, because…demons are afraid of angels, of course.

Bobby confronted the boys about Olivia.  Apparently she hasn’t been returning his calls, so out they went to find what was wrong.  Inside they found her dead body and an EMF device, which meant that this case had to do with a spirit of some kind.  When they left, they tried to call all the other hunters they know, no one picked up their phone.  They even checked out some of their homes, all were dead.  Does this mean the only hunters left in the world are none other than the Winchesters?

Sam and Dean stop at a gas station, and heres where everything gets interesting. Everything around him gets freezing, which obviously meant there’s a ghost around, and guess who shows up behind Sam in the bathroom… That’s right! Agent Hendrickson from the previous seasons of Supernatural.  His spirit blamed Sam for what happened to him.  He got so angry that he began to beat up on Sammy!  Don’t fret though, Dean was close behind to know what was going on, and shot Hendrickson.

Meanwhile, Bobby is at his house when strange things began to happen to him as well.  The same signs as before, the room began to freeze over, strange sounds, then we saw who was haunting him.  Two evil twins…spooky.

After a few minutes, the brothers busted into Bobby’s place, weapons drawn.  They knew that whoever these spirits were were after hunters and the chances were that they had already gone after Bobby. (Which they have)  To find him faster, the boys split up.  Sam went outside to search, while Dean stayed in the house. 

While Dean was scouting out the house, another familiar face showed up, Meg! She looked a lot differerent with longer hair and no make up.  Basically, this is the Meg that was inside the demon-infested Meg.  She blamed Dean for being cold and not even considering that there was an innocent girl inside that body.  He apologized, and of course she began beating him up.  He couldn’t shoot her because…come on! He already killed her once, and she’s complaning about it now…it would just be rude!  But seriously…these spirits are SELFISH, me me me me me.  Anyways:

So…oh yeah, Sam is outside searching for Bobby.  Bobby is somewhere in the trunk of a car being taunted by those two demon twins.  It took Sam quite a while to find him, but thanks to the fact that Ghosts make things freeze over, Sam found a popsicle car, and saved Bobby from being torn apart.

So when they are all somewhat safe, they all discovered that each of the spirits had a strange mark on a part of their body, and all the marks matched.  Bobby quickly rushed them down to his dungun, otherwise known as the panic room.  He said the mark they all saw was something called “The Mark of the Witness.”  Which is part of a seal that’s been broken.  There is a spell to put the souls to rest, but the seal itself has been broken, and there is no way to reverse that.

Since they can’t stay in the panic room the whole time, the boys had to leave to get the spell ready.  But they all knew once they stepped outside, there was going to be a lot of spirits trying to stop them.  The first one they saw was Ron.  Ron was the guy from the bank heist episode, he blamed Dean of course.  So Bobby shot him, and OFF THEY WENT.

Let the action begin!  Bobby started making the spell but it wasn’t all that easy, spirits everywhere were closing in on them, taunting their every move. They were doing pretty good at first, but then the spirits just came coming back faster and faster, the boys were losing ammo. But Bobby was able to say the spell, and off the spirits went.

In the end, the angel from last week’s episode showed up again.  He confirmed that the apocolypse is coming.  He said it was Lillith that brought the spirits back to haunt them. He said that if all the seals are broken, Lucifer will walk free.  No pressure guys!

Next week, it looks like Sam and Dean go Back to the Future! err…I mean past, I am positive that that episode is going to be very good.  Until next week, peace out!


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