GARY UNMARRIED: 1.01 – Pilot Review

CBS launched a new sitcom starring Jay Mohr today called “Gary Unmarried.”  Unlike a large sum of people, I actually enjoy Mohr’s work.  Especially his role in “Ghost Whisperer” with Jennifer Love Hewitt.  So it shouldn’t come to a surprise that I actually enjoyed this new series opener.

It’s a family sitcom about a single dad raising two kids, and going through the struggles that single parents do every day.  Yes there is a fake sounding laugh track, yes some of the jokes aren’t all that great, and yes, the acting was very noticibly bad in some parts, but I did have fun watching this. 

It doesn’t compare to the other more popular family sitcoms such as “Full House” or “Family Matters”, or even “Everybody Loves Raymond.”  It does have its own unique quality that I actually like.  It has potential to be an alright show, no doubt, if they play their cards right.  We’ll see how it plays out next week, peace out.


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