TV REWIND: Bones – Season 3

Right now, I want to scream at the top of my lungs, “WHAT THE CRAP, WHAT THE CRAP, WHAT THE CRAP!!!!!!!” But I’ll get to that in just a hot second.

I just finished the 3rd season today.  A new episode of Bones airs tonight, so I will try to get completely caught up so I can start doing full recaps, but for now, I’ll talk about the third season.  The third season revolved mostly around a cannibal cult thats been around for….let’s just say a long long time.  Also, the season was about Brennan’s father in jail, and the murder trial towards the end of the season.

That’s it, I can’t stand it anymore, I’m skipping to the end.  Apparently, this cult of cannibals hands down it’s traditions of a master and apprentice.  The master eats people, and creates a full skeleton from the bones left behind from several people.  They always have an apprentice to teach their ways.  So not only were they looking for the master cannibal, Gormagon, but also, his apprentice.  Earlier on in the season, they caught his apprentice, which means he needed a new apprentice.

In the season finale, we learned that either Gormagon, or his apprentice worked in the Jeffersonian.  From the beginning of the season, I thought it was Sweets, cause he just looked creepy to me.  That was even a growing theory in the episode.  Also, Hodgins was a theory as well, and to add to the hilarity, they made him act shady and creepy.  I wasn’t convinced.  But then we learned who was behind everything.  The apprentice of Gormagon was none other than……….ZACH.  WHAT THE CRAP, WHAT THE CRAP, WHAT THE CRAP!!!!

Their story doesn’t even add up!  Whoever worked in the Jeffersonian had to steal the skeleton in the basement, Zach was in the hospital the entire time!  And I love Zach!  How could he be a cannibal?  Well, fortunately later in the episode, we learn that Zach never ate anybody, but he did kill someone, which is completly unbelievable!  How can the show survive without Zach adding his wit to the show? 

Ugggg, I am frustrated with the show right now, but….I can’t abandon Bones.  I should be able to catch up on Season 4 by tomorrow, and have a recap ready for the all-new episode after it airs. Sigh..such a shame…


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