BONES: 4.05 -The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond Recap


Yes! A new episode of Bones just aired, and so far, this is no doubt, the best episode of the season…so far. Tons of things happen, so let’s get started:

This episode started off showing us a young couple hiding in an abandoned warehouse doing what teenagers do best.  But suddenly, the boy’s urge to urinate overcame him, so…instead of searching for a restroom, he ran outside to a small pond-like thing, and peed in that.  Suddenly the water he was relieving himself in, turned PURPLE and body parts started rising to the surface.  Except….the head.

Here we go guys, ZACH is back!  Sweets is seen talking to Zach in the mental hospital where he currently resides in.  It made me miss him so much more.  Sweets said he can help him get out, but for some reason, since Zach is so persistant, he thinks what he’s doing is the right thing.

Back at the Jeffersonian, Hodgins is still upset over everything.  Over the fact that his marriage was cancelled, and he was broken up with, and everything with Zach.  

The team was able to find out that the victim had a mental disability, OCD.  He had a ton of childish things all neatly lined up.  Monk would be proud.  They also found out that he had a thing for older ladies.  So they set out to find the woman he was seeing, who was almost 30 years older than him………………yeah.  When they questioned her, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, but….it was weird.

Hodgins gave Zach a visit at the hospital.  This was a truly emotional scene.  Even if it wasn’t meant to be. He handed a notecard with a tough mathmatic equation on it.  Of course he figured it out quickly and announced that he was king of the looney bin.  Hodgins gave him that one.  Zach said he found out about Angela and him splitting, and said he felt sorry for him, to have to go through all that trouble.  Hodgins thought that was silly, cause Zach was the one in the hospital.  This was a great scene of friendship.  I loved it.

Since the victim had a case of OCD, Booth and Bones visited an OCD recovery class where the students were rubbing mud all over their bodies, and freaking out.  They pulled him aside to question him.  Their studies proved that the victim had recently gotten into a fight with someone, and this professor had a black eye.  He said it was because of another patient that had a bad reaction to a test.  Just then, one of his students came in and confessed to killing the victim. 

They questioned the student, but he said he never cut the body up after he killed him, so it obviously couldn’t be him.  He said they went out to coffee that afternoon, so out Booth and Bones went to question the manager of a local coffee shop. He said they had an argument the day before, but they made amends.

Wendall, yet another new replacement for Zach, went to ask Angela a question.  He asked if Zach was Brennan’s “boy toy” Angela laughed at that.  He asked because Bones asked him a question if he ever had a relationship with an older woman (related to the case) he just took it the wrong way.  Also, he revealed that he owes money, so he needs to keep the job.  He was just worried that he might have to do something he didn’t want to.

So Angela takes this matter to Sweets.  She explanes that he thought Bones hit on him, but she didn’t.  Sweets was nice enough to let her know that the case they are working on had to do with an age difference, which is why Bones asked him that question.  When she brought up that he owes money, he just said thats not his area of expertise. Angela went back to headquarters and confronted him, and explained everything.  He also explained that he never owed money to a mob, he owed money to the people in his town.

Finally, Booth and Bones found the location of the murder.  A greenhouse that grew plants that made coffee grounds.  The man that worked there was the son of the woman the victim was seeing.  Turns out he went there to ask the man for his blessing.  He never gave the blessing cause he didn’t want a father-in-law that was 10 years younger than himself. They found a pink substance, and brought him in.

Still trying to figure everything out.  The team couldn’t find the darn head, but then Zach showed up, out of the blue, complete in his psycho uniform.  They all gave him hugs, turns out he is there to help them find that head.  [He stole Sweets ID to get out.]  Zach explained that everything about the victim’s death had to do with the number 12, but he had proof the victim didn’t care about that number, his MOTHER did, who also had OCD.  So the mother killed her son, and laid out 12 pieces of his body, the head was the 13th, which she didn’t like, so she hid under a bird house.

So the team took Zach out to dinner, and they all had a ball, then Zach told everyone he had to get back.  They pulled some strings, LIED, and made it look like Zach never left.  Before Zach returned though………..he told something in secrecy to Sweets….HE’S INNOCENT!! YES!!  I feel so good now!  They completely thwarted the fact that they jumped the shark last season, but he revealed that he never killed anyone.  Sweets wanted to tell everyone, but Zach told him to keep his mouth shut.  OH MAN, I’m so excited now.  Can’t wait till next week!


One thought on “BONES: 4.05 -The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond Recap”

  1. I loved that when Booth saw the action figures in Jared’s room, he wanted to call in “expert” Sweets to get insight into Jared.

    I think that on it’s own, the whole Wendell misunderstanding arc would have been funnier but it was overshadowed by the return of Zack.

    And the final few minutes (I’m trying not to give it away) more than made up for last year’s finale. I was happy/relieved to learn what we found out, but at the same time it was still sad.

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