BONES: Season 4 – So far….

Alright, after Bones jumped the shark last season’s finale, it’s back!  Today, I finished up the four episodes of season four that have already aired.  Here’s my quick reflections on each episode:

4×01/02: Yanks in the UK

The fourth season opener took place mainly in London, when Bones was asked to speak at Scotland Yard.  Being Bones, bad things were bound to happen, so she found herself investigating a murder.  Also, this was a two hour premier, so she wound up investigating…..two…….murders.  Also, Angela’s husband guest appears on this episode, to which she asks him to sign the divorce papers.

This episode was extremely boring.  At least I thought so.  If it wasn’t boring enough for the first hour, they thought it might be cool to make a 2 hour premiere, like others do, so it was stretched out way too much.  Also after making us watch the entire episode, Angela and Hodgins break up! This was the one relationship I actually enjoyed, and they took it away from me.  Enough of that episode, onto the next:

4×03: Man in the Outhouse

This episode was primarily about cheating.  It resembled a TV show called “Cheaters” in real life, while in this episode of Bones, it was called “Busted by Bill” or something.  Bones is dating two guys at the same time, she said it is because one’s good with conversation, while the other is good with the physical side of the relationship.

This episode was way better than the premiere.  It had it’s usual feel for an episode of Bones, and even had a little romantic tension between Bones and Booth at the end.  Just an average episode, but very refreshing after the premiere.

4×04: The Finger in the Nest

While out at the park with his son, Parker, Booth called in a finger found in a bird’s nest.  So then he had to get Bones help to find the rest of the body, and when they do, they found out that the killer was a dog.  But the dog was used as a weapon.  Also, Booth’s son is having trouble with a girl at school, and Hodgins is having some pretty big problems at work.

Again, another average episode of Bones.  I don’t really expect much more to tell you the truth.  This is what Bones is.  Though I do want to see another overall plot arc mentioned, so we have something to look forward to.  I don’t think the dog whisperer was necessary for this episode.  I thought that was just ridiculous.  What I really liked about this episode, was Hodgin’s acting this episode.  Dealing with the loss of his friend, and fiance is obviously getting to him.  We’ll have to see where that goes on tonight’s episode! Until then, peace out!



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