HEROES: The Second Coming – Recap

I’m going to make this as compact as possible, cause there is so much to talk about, and so little time to explain everything.  First off, the first episode starts off four years in the future.  Apparently the future is screwed up, because everyone knows about the people with powers, and they are all getting hunt down.  Peter runs into Claire, who now has black hair, her plan is just to end it all, so she trys to shoot Peter, but silly Claire, Pete’s got Hiro’s power.

Pete stops time, takes Claire’s gun and goes in the the past, and with her gun, shoots Nathan.  The same shot from last season’s finale.  [INSERT HOLY CRAP MOMENT HERE].  So back at the hospital, the doctors try to operate on Nathan, but unsuccesfully, cause shortly after, Nathan dies, but is resurrected! He says it’s because of God. AKA Mr. Linderman, but we’ll get to that later.

It’s true. I was touched by an angel!

So here’s where it gets confusing: At the police station Pete is grabing the murder weapon, but it’s not now Pete, it’s future Pete.  Parkman figures it out, and Pete does this weird motion and somehow pulls Parkman into Africa, in the middle of nowhere.

Angela Patrelli makes a visit to the hospital, and notices Future Pete, and knows he’s from the future.  He told her to relax, that her son is safe, (inside the body of a convicted killer.)  So now, we find out that Mr. Linderman is back from the dead…or is he…, and somehow, he was the one that healed Nathan. Also Nikki is alive, but it’s not REALLY Nikki…I know, confusing.

In Japan, Hiro and Ando stumble upon a message from Kaito, saying DON’T OPEN THE VAULT, IT HOLDS THE KEY TO SOMETHING THAT CAN DESTROY THE WORLD!!!  So Hiro opens the vault, and sees a piece of paper with a formula on it, and within a second or two, it was stolen by fast girl, I call her.  Who then knocked Hiro out when he tried to follow her.

Trying to figure out what was so important about that formula, Hiro went into the future and watched Ando kill him with a bolt of red lightning.  Awesome.  So now Hiro is ready to save the world……..again.

At Claire’s house, Sylar showed up and ate her brain.  Well not really, he spared her life, because she has some great potential. So now Sylar can heal.

Professor Suresh found out the key to all the mutants power.  Adrenaline!  He figured out that with this information, he can give powers to anyone!  HAHAHA.  Maya doesn’t want him to, cause that would be evil, so he says Okay, okay, and injects himself! End of episode 1. Check back later for my recap on episode 2.


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