HEROES: The Butterfly Effect – Recap


So where did we leave off, OH, Suresh has super strength and agility, HOW COULD I FORGET?? Anyways…

Peter/Angela: Let’s get started with episode two of Heroes!  The first thing we see is Peter’s mom, Angela, has one of her super-powered-future-seeing dreams, and you know what we see?  Every famous hero dead from some very bad guys.  Let’s not forget Claire’s decapitated head!  She woke up, and told Peter to leave, cause he’s screwing everything up.  Something about an Ashton Kutcher film was also talked about in this episode.  But Peter was a little pre-occupied with his strings.

Claire: Well, now we learn Claire is back to filming suicide attemps, as she jumps in front of a moving train.  You see, her power is more advanced now, and she can’t even feel pain anymore.  Before her ultimate demise, Peter flew in to save her. Here is what happened:

Why did you save me?

Cause you’re an idiot!

Oh, thank you Uncle Pete!

No problem, now lets pose for the camera!

Nathan/Nikki: So Tracy (AKA Nikki) went to visit angel-stricken Nathan Patrelli to ask him to become senator.  I could be wrong, but isn’t that what he is always doing?  Nathan’s best friend, Linderman, told him to take the offer, but we learn later that Linderman isn’t really there. He is really Nathan’s imaginary friend. So Nathan accepts the job offer. 

So Nikki, er, I mean Tracy returned home, and a reporter which was seen earlier, is trying to get Nikki to confess that she is Nikki.  This ticks her off, and she turned the reporter into ice, exploding him into small pieces.  Since when did mirror girl turn into Mr. Freeze???

Hiro/Ando: In Japan, Hiro found out how to find The Flash, err I mean super-speed chick.  She lives in Paris, so off he and Ando went. Hiro is still a little untrustworthy of Ando, because in the future, he kills Hiro.  But they went to Paris, super-chick had the Mona Lisa in her bedroom.  Anyways, Hiro stole her medallion, and when she arrived home, she wanted it back, so they arranged a switch.  That didn’t go well, because she got away, BUT, Hiro was able to put a tracking device on the medallion. That smart, smart small Japanese man.

Parkman: Let’s get back to Parkman.  He’s in the middle of nowhere.  Africa, to be precise.  We all think he’s gonna die out there, when someone came up to him revealing they like Britney Spears, because she is American, and they had Isaac’s future painting powers.

Suresh/Maya: So Suresh is back home, hanging upside down….like a bat.  Last episode, the way he moved reminded me of Spider-Man.  When Maya came home, he impressed her by going all Spider-Man, and climbed the wall, proving my theory correct.  

He was so proud of himself, that he planted a kiss on Maya.  The next morning, he woke up, went to the bathroom and had scales or something all over his back.  EW.

Bob/Elle: Like an episode of COPS, we see a police video of two police officers getting taken down by Sylar.  Elle trys to warn her dad, but oh crap, his head was cut off.  I guess Sylar really wanted the power of turning things to gold than, huh?  At the secret prison, Sylar tries to cut Elle’s head off two, but she went off in an electric combution, leaving Sylar unconcious.  After the incident, all the inmates escaped, including Peter, who was in the killer’s body.

Claire (cont.) HRG returned home after escaping from prison, but not for long, he needs to catch those other criminals that escaped, cause they can very well destroy life as they know it.  So his mission is to keep Claire safe, and home.  So he brought her a babysitter, her real fire-making mom.

Then at the end, we learn that Angela Patrelli is really Sylar’s mom.  The end.  wait…..WHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTTT??????????


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