FRINGE: The Ghost Network – Recap



This episode kicked right off introducing us to a man who can see the future.  He walks into a church and into a confessional, but has he really sinned?  I guess by not knowing how to save the people on the bus, one might think they have sinned.  Speaking of the bus, we also get to see the threat this episode.  A man walks on to a bus carrying a briefcase, we the viewer, think he is going to blow the bus up, but he does something much, much stranger.  He sets off a gas that quickly turns into a solid.  Before leaving, he grabbed a woman’s backpack.  So everyone on the bus within minutes were stuck in suspended animation…or something.  Later on we find out that whatever he was looking for, was not in that backpack.

Olivia is attending her evil ex-partner’s partner when her evil ex-partner’s mom gave her the stink eye.  She was still giving herself crap for not noticing that John was evil when he said he loved her.  Then her captain, or whoever he was, said that it’s alright, John told the captain he loved him too….whatever.  Bad joke. Moving forward…

Peter has his own skeletons in his closet, because while out with his father at a diner, he attacked a man with a camera.  The man had been following him around for quite some time, and Peter took the pictures and left..okay..what’s going on there I wonder…

Turns out that the passenger in the bus with the backpack was a DEA agent.  So Olivia contacted her partner about her demise.  So he came and wanted some alone time to say goodbye to his partner, to which she let him.  After a few minutes the FBI found the dude from the beginning’s home.  It was covered in drawn pictures of crime-scenes that are dated before the crime….which doesn’t look good at all for this guy. Walter says it’s because the guy’s obviously a psychic.  

So they took him back to Dr. Bishop’s lab.  They found out that future-seeing boy here was once one of Bishop’s experiments back in the day.  Bishop explains that his condition must have evolved.  You see in the past, there was an experiment called “The Ghost Network” basically using the brain to telepathically transmit back and forth with another individual.  Our guy in the lab was just intercepting all that jabber.  So they got the machine to control his abilities.

So Dr. Frankenstein and his assistant began drilling holes into the poor man’s head.  Apparently this was supposed to control his powers.  Which it did.  He intercepted a few calls between two bad guys planning something terrible. They found out that a picture that he drew earlier in the episode was linked to the dead DEA agent earlier.  There was something inside of her hands.  And apparently her partner, who was saying goodbye, was really taking out whatever was in her hand.

So they tracked down the bad guy, and got the thing that was inside the dead chick’s hand.  Simple enough? GOOD.  Anyways….Broyles, being the mysterious guy that he is, gave that small chip to the head of the Massive Dynamic Lab, to which she needed in order to find something out about………..dead John Scott! Confusing, confusing, confusing.  Until next time, peace out!

He still scares me…


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