TV REWIND: Bones – Season 2

I just got finished with the second season of Bones, and might I say that they still got it.  One way of judging something is to list it’s pros and cons, as many people know, and I have to say that the only con I saw this season was Bones never said her signature line “I don’t know what that means.”

Again, this season didn’t have too big of an overall arc.  It did however have a recurring theme of trying to catch the serial killer Howard Eps, who had an amazing acting ability.  His way of riddles and mind games made his character terrifying, but we loved him anyways.  Also the season had the family issue.  Brennan’s father, who made several guest appearances this season, always getting away from federal grasp.

As for the romantic interests provided this season, well lets just say they were distastful for the most part.  Booth dated Cam, Brennan dated Sully, it was all just a mess, for none of the pairings had any noticible chemistry. However Angela and Hodgins got romatically involved, and even set up a wedding for the series finale.  I liked that relationship.

I guess the relationship between Bones and Booth will have to wait for a future episode.  Until next week, peace out! 

Below are my reviews on the following episodes on

2×09: Aliens in a Spaceship (my favorite episode so far in the series.)

2×14: The Man in the Mansion

2×15: Bodies in the Book

2×16: The Boneless Bride in the River


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