SUPERNATURAL: Lazarus Rising – Recap


For me, I watched all three seasons of Supenatural in a time span of about three weeks.  So having to wait for the new season was hard.  I didn’t know if they could keep up the excitment and mystery.  Having just seen the fourth season opener, I can say they still have it.

This episode kicked off keeping the viewer hooked, and wondering what in the world is happening. Dean is alive with not a scratch on him, but Supernatural wouldn’t be complete without strange things happening, and this episode was full of strange things.

So Dean amazingly crawls out of his coffin and 6 feet of dirt, and he walks over to a stranded gas station.  Interesting place, this gas station, it appeared to be full with fresh products, yet it looked abandoned.  So he took what he needed, food, drinks, money, but before he left, something happened.  The TV turned on, a loud high-pitched squeel happened, so loud it bursts all the windows, and Dean said he felt a….presence.  After that, he quickly got out of there, hotwired a car, and left town.

Bobby’s house was his first stop, of course Bobby had to test him, so he busted out a knife and attacked Dean.  Though, Dean’s smart enough to counter the attacks and prove to Bobby that he is real.  Now that things have settled down, they actually ask themselves the same thing we’ve been asking the whole time, how did it happen? How did he survive? The possibility that Sam summoned a demon to make a deal did come up, and so Dean and Bobby went to track Sam down.

They found Sam in a hotel.  Like Bobby, Sam tried to attack Dean, and surprise surprise, Dean is still….Dean.  Anyways, Sam told the guys that he never made a deal, that he wanted to, but no demons every showed up to make a deal with, so there was nothing he could do.  Fortunetly though, Sam does know a psychic who may be able to help, so…OFF THEY GO!

They meet with the psychic, and she tries to summon…whatever it is that brought Dean back, and whatever it was, completely burnt her eyes out, OUCHY! So Sam and Dean think they are dealing with some bad mojo. So they go to a demon-infested diner to ponder on it more.

Do you know what it is? No, how bout you? Nope. Let’s ask the demon-infested waitress!


Seriously, what is up with the businesses completely occupied by demons in this show.  They owned a bar before, and now a diner.  Anyways.. The waitress comes up to Sam and Deans and said….”I heard you were looking for us.”  Apparently, they can’t hurt Dean, because they are just as curious as he is as to how he escaped.  They are afraid of whoever did it, because they are obviously stronger than them.

After they got out of the diner, Sam was blood-thirsty, and wanted to take down all the demons, but Dean just said no, they got bigger fish to fry.  So Sam complied……..until Dean fell asleep, and he took a little drive BACK to the diner.  When he got there, the demons were dead, and are you ready for this? Ruby is still alive, just in another body!  And get this!  Sam has powers!  He just reached his hands out to a demon, and pulled the demon out of their body, holy crap!

Meanwhile, Dean also woke up in the middle of the night when his room started shaking violently, and the loud pitch came back like earlier.  What the heck is that I wonder, we find out later, just hold on, I’ll get to it.  Dean and Bobby rush out to an abandoned building, draw dozens of devil’s traps, and summon whatever it was that resurrected Dean.  And it came.

The doors blew open, and a man walked right into the building, walking past devil’s traps, not getting hurt by bullets, not getting hurt by the demon knife.  At this point, I’m thinking, WHAT THE HECK IS THIS GUY? We learn in about five minutes that this guy, is an angel of the Lord!  He brought Dean back because God commanded him to be brought back, and that he has important work to do! Oh man, this is great.

He explains that the loud pitch noises were his voice, and to some people, it can be harmful.  He explained that the girls eyes burnt out because she was warned it would be harmful to see his true form.  It all makes sense, why the demons were afraid, everything.


How can you have holy water without anything HOLY?

This is a huge turn around for Supernatural.  Something they usually don’t introduce us to, but if they are going to introduce us to demons, I guess its about right to introduce us to angels as well.  Good episode, see you next week. Peace out!


One thought on “SUPERNATURAL: Lazarus Rising – Recap”

  1. And that is the way you start up a season! With shockers and twist sooo many that led up to questions, twist, and even more supernatural-ly coolness. With the introductory of angels and apparently there is a God which means there would be a Lucifer right!? Who knows but I would figure we will figure it out eventually. And of course YES Ruby is BACK! Can’t keep her down. But seriously, the best also the Angel was supposedly speaking…think you could tune it down to a whisper? And it does make sense NOW that he didn’t get affected by the demon knife at first I was mouth wide open. Loved it can’t wait ’til next Thursday!~

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