SMALLVILLE: Odyssey – Recap

Finally, Smallville is back! Hopefully, since Alfred Gough and Miles Millar are gone, the new writers can write some sense into the show, like oh I don’t know, FLIGHT. I would settle for some saving action too.  Last season lacked on the hero-bit, and had too much of the crying over Lana scenes.  Thank heavens she is gone.

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So we come back about one month after last season left off.  Lex and Clark and a temper tantrum in the fortress of solitude.  Lex found out Clark’s secret, and completley destroyed the fortress.  So now we meet the replacment of Lex this season, because he decided to drop out, Tess.  Formerly known as Tess Macher in the Superman movie.  She doesn’t do as much of a good job, but….whatever! So Tess is trying to find Lex, save him…whatever.

Out of the blue, the Green Arrow showed up and destroyed all their hard work. The Green Arrow wasn’t the only one there, but also Aquaman and…….super-chick. (I don’t know her name!)  Anyways, they destroy her work, which allows them more time to…..figure out where the crap Clark is.



So let’s talk about Chloe.  Last time we saw her, she was whisked away by evil men from the law.  Tonight, we saw her strapped to a chair using her mutant powers.  Powers that we haven’t seen yet, by the way.  She has rainman’s power and can memorize things, just in a…..super fast way.  THAT’S FUN!

So, I bet you’re wondering where Clark is right about now, well…….I’ll tell you.  He’s a Russian slave!  That’s right, our man of steel is working for a Russian who apparently saved his life.  Life is hard in Russia, so he tried to steal a jeep to escape, but his master didn’t like that. But don’t fret, Clark, your buddy, The Green Arrow, somehow found you! But he busted out a knife.

Woah, woah, hey now, woah, I come in peace!

So good old Olver bought Clark.  That’s right I said it, bought him.  You see it seemed Clark was working for the guy responsible for a Russian black market. So everything is for sale, even super-boy here.  They leave and Clark tells Oliver that he is powerless.  Okay, pause.  Every single season, it’s the same thing, he loses his powers for some reason or another, can’t you figure out some OTHER way to control Clark. ANYWAYS….

Chloe is still giving the government agents what they want.  THe latest assignment they gave her was to watch The Marix.  Actually, it was a computer screen with green numbers scrolling down, but…its all the same thing. They said they needed her help decoding the message to spell out three phone numbers to bad guys, when in fact, the numbers she was providing them somehow was magically giving them the locations of the Justice League.  She found that out at the last second, and didn’t give the last bunch of numbers, which was for Oliver.  They inject her with her mom’s DNA combined with Kryptonite, which in turn, lets them get what they want, so she gave them the last digits.  Where is Green Arrow, he is in their compound? OH NOES!

Clark and Oliver split up in the buiding.  Clark ran into Lois, who was posing as a security guard to get Chloe out safe and sound.  So they teamed up to save Chloe.  Well they saved Chloe, and Clark went back to get Oliver.  It seemed he got injected with Chloe’s mom’s goo, and asked him where Lex was.  Clark said he didn’t know, so Oliver shot an arrow straight through his heart.  Chloe rushed up to him to use her super-powers, but for some reason, she was useless!  So Martian Manhunter showed up, and flew Clark to the sun, which regenerated him.

So the sun helps Clark, but now the Martian Manhunter is left with no power.  That is a lie.  He needs power to look like his human self!  Anyways…Clark decided to move on from Smallville, and move to Metropolis, or so I assume.  Where else would he go? 

At Lex’s mansion, Tess is living the life.  Well, not really, she’s devoted to finding him, but whatever.  Her people brought back the Superman logo crystal from season 5’s finale.  They found that in the snow when they were building a snowman.

Chloe meets up with Jimmy Olsen, he told her he didn’t want her to answer his proposal, but she completly ignored him and said yes anyways.

And finally, at the end of the episode, Clark reveals to Lois that they are going to be neighbors working along side eachother at the Daily Planet, yyyyyyyyeaah buddy!

Usually premier episodes are really great, but this one just felt like an average episode, to tell you the truth.  It was alright.  Nothing special, I’ll catch you next week, peace out!



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