PRIVILEGED: All About Honesty – Recap

CW’s new chick-drama came back this week.  Sorry it took me so long to write a recap, I was busy watching several other more important TV shows.  This week in Privileged, the episode dragged out, and made the Pilot seem so much more superior than this episode.

This week started off basically right where last left off.  At the party in her Cinderella dress.  Half the episode was still at the party, tensions were high, and there was even a verbal cat fight.  They should call this show “Women Scorned” or something.  Anyways, it was drawn out for most of the episode until finally, they got back to the mansion.

Even then, it wasn’t such a fantastic episode, but at least it went on to something new.  Megan tried to tutor the girls, and they still didn’t cooperate.  Then the girls stole her car, and almost got arrested.  Blah Blah Blah, but the main purpose of this episode was the younger sister’s ex-boyfriend.

The entire episode the sisters were putting together a plan to make her ex jealous, to get him back, when he wasn’t even good to her in the first place.  But hey, you learn from mistakes, right?  Though I don’t think either of the sisters are smart enough to grasp that concept.

That was basically the episode.  Yawn.  I’ll try to tune in next week.  But I might not.  There is a little too much girly qualities in this show.  It need testosterone if you ask me, but my opinion does not matter, so…whatever, peace out.


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