FRINGE: The Same Old Story – Recap



Do you have any cocaine?” – Walter Bishop

It’s been a week already? I guess so, and here we are again, watching yet again, another episode of Fringe.  In my opinion, so far this is the best new fall show of the year.  I could be wrong, but it’s just my opinion. So here we go, what’s this episode about? Rapid growth.  That’s right like Robin Williams in “Jack” except faster, much faster.

The episode starts right off in a hotel room.  A man had obviously just stayed the night with a…mistress.  She kept rambling on about her fake and real name while the man went to the bathroom to pee.  Actually, he busted out a bunch of tools and weapons and orange goo.  At first I’m thinking that he is building a bomb.  But then I thought, “Wait, this is like X-Files, so he should be growing some spikes or something right?” 

Well, I actually wasn’t too far off, except it wasn’t he who began growing anything.  It was the woman who was with him.  She was growing something….inside her. A baby.  Every cycle in child birth began happening to her, and what should be 9 months was somewhere around 20 minutes.  Morning sickness, baby kicking..or something, stomach growing, the whole shabang.  He drove her off, and left her stranded in a alleyway, only to have doctors bring her into a hospital.  She died quickly, but they were able to get the baby out.  Only problem was, about 4 hours later, the baby was around 80 years of age, and dead. 

Olivia and the rest of the gang are pulled out of bed to investigate.  Walter was pulled out of a closet, rambling on about the song “Row, Row, Row Your Boat.” They get to the hospital and Broyles explains the situation to Mulder and Skully.  They take the case, and bring grandpa to the lab.  Later, Olivia and Peter have a lead on a hotel room, so they check it out.  This is where Olivia remembers a case she and John worked on in the case about a serial killer who would rip out peoples pituitary glands before overdosing them with anesthesia. It turns out, 4 year old grandpa’s case and the serial killer’s case are connected.

At the labratory, Walter finds out some more info and gramps.  The man in the hotel was aparently part of an experiment done in his lab some 20 years ago, to make super soldiers fast.  The only problem was growth was too fast, and they died shortly.  His theory is that the serial killer was on of these super-soldiers, and he was stealing pituitary glands to stay young and healthy.  To find more about rapid growth, they go see a professor who majors in rapid growth.

The man they meet said he used to work on rapid growth, but doesn’t anymore.  Which is completely worthless for his character to be written in, which means…..he must be a bad guy.  Anyways, the serial killer striked again, killing another girl, and taking her patuitary gland.  Dr. Bishop decided to go weirder-than-Fringe-weird and said that with some bullcrap science, they can hook a computer up to her dead eye, and produce the last thing she saw.

So the good doc ripped out her eyeball…..ew…..then set up some cameras and snapped a few shots, and within seconds, got an image of a bridge.  With technology, they were able to find out exactly where she was from that one photo.  A warehouse.  Where else would she be?

So they get to the shady warehouse, and what do you know? The killer is trying to steal some growth glands.  When they come in, he bolts, and guess who else is there? That’s right.  The professor from earlier, I TOLD YOU!  Anyways, the professor got away when the girl flat-lined, and Peter had to improvise to get her heart racing again.  Walter suggested cocaine, but a defibrillator works too.  Olivia caught up to the killer, just in time to watch him die in old age.

Back at the lab, Walter mentions to Olivia about a medical condition Peter has, but he kept it a mystery when Olivia said, “huh?”  So what’s going on with Peter I wonder….maybe he’s really a woman? I don’t know.  We’ll find out some day, peace out!

I still don’t think I’ll ever get used to how creepy this guy is.


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