PRISON BREAK: Eagles and Angels – Recap

Last time on Prison Break, the gang got a lead on an upcoming meeting between members of the company. Michael and Roland got stuck in a air-sucking chamber, Lincoln swung and axe, and Wyatt had some lemonade while talking about a fantasy picnic.  Also T-Bag set up a meeting with an important member of Gate Corporation, and Michael took a photo of all six card holders.

Out watching boats, Michael once again, promised Sara that “one day” they will sail away together, and then live happily ever after.  Sucre interrupted the lovebirds saying the gang had some new information.  It was a picture of a license plate belonging to an Erol Tabak.  Thinking he had one of the cards on him, Michael and the gang set out to find him, and get the card. When they got to him, they learned quickly that he did not have the card on him, his wife did.  The team was out of luck.

Meanwhile, T-Bag practices spelling his alias’s name in front of a mirror.

When the gang went out to track down Erol, Sara stayed behind to take a closer look at Michael’s picture he took, to try to name the other card-holders.  Don Self took a minute of her time to tell her that Bruce Bennet was killed from an apparent suicide, but he knows better.  Really? Suicide?  Bruce was shot in the back of his head, who would take the time to reach all the way behind their head and pull the trigger from behind?

Trying to figure out a new plan to get the computer card, Lincoln spotted T-Bag across the street.  Noticing Linc and the guys, T-Bag ran off, dumping the bird book in a bush.  

The brothers stopped him, and he said he’s in LA, because he’s going to start his career in pictures. However they aren’t able to find out where the bird book is, because about two seconds later, they all would have been caught by the authorities. So they all scattered.

Wyatt arrived in LA, thanks to Bruce, and he is looking for Sara. The head of the company told him not to kill Sara, because he needs information. Back at headquarters, Roland Glenn googled the woman they’re after.  It seems she will be attending an event called “Eagles and Angels”  Mahone recognized that name as an event that half the cops in LA will be attending, because its an event remembering the officers that died on duty.  So the brothers will have to work extra hard to not be noticed.

Meanwhile, T-Bag finally arrived at Gate Corporation.  He flirted with the secretary, and she told him to wait for a few minutes.  Those minutes passed, and he was greeted by the man he was speaking with on the phone earlier.  He had his associate lead him to his work station, and he told him he was crippled.  T-Bag noticed more coincidences in the bird book, and waited eagerly for his check.

Still mourning over Bruce’s death, and completely ignoring her years of success in AA meetings, Sara went to a bar. She obviously drank some alcohol, because she wasn’t looking so hot in the restroom. Wyatt wasn’t far behind, looking for Sara, but thanks to the nice bartender, she didn’t give Sara up.

So Michael set a plan into motion.  He broke into a secure building, and stole police uniforms.  With these police uniforms, Michael, Lincoln, and Mahone were able to sneak into the Eagles and Angels event.  Sucre and Bellick of course, were in the get-away car.  Michael put Roland’s device under a table, and they were so close to stealing the data on the card, when the woman got a call to leave immediately.  When Lincoln had his hat off, a member of the company noticed him, and he left the building, only to be cornered by the man.  Well, Bellick saved him by stabbing the man dead.  Lincoln took that time to call Michael and told him to get out.  Michael had a better plan. 

Mahone came up to one of the woman’s security guards and told him one of his people was found dead just outside, and he needed his help with the body.  Michael stayed with the woman to make sure she was “safe”.  When in reality, he was stealing the info off the card.  Brilliant!  Here, we see more of Michael’s unknown condition. The woman points out to him that his nose was bleeding.  We aren’t shown much more quite yet, I guess we’ll have to wait to see what’s really going on. He gets the info, and everyone leaves.

Back at the warehouse, Mahone came up to Roland, asking his help to find whoever was responsible for killing his son, but to keep it on the down-low. Also, Wyatt tracked down Sara, the last shot shows him following Sara to the warehouse!


  1. What is happening to Michael?
  2. Since T-Bag is following everything in the bird book in order, is he secretly taking down the company as well?
  3. If not, then where is the bird book leading T-Bag to?
  4. Lastly, where the heck is LJ and Sofia?

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