HOUSE: Dying Changes Everything – Recap


“You mind if I come in?” “Not at all, you mind if I leave?” ~ House making yet another smart remark.

It is time, Medical Show Enthusiasts of the World Unite! House is back and better than ever. Actually, let me rephrase.  It is just as good as it always is.  The episode kicks off two months after season 4 left us.  Amber is still dead, and House is still a jerk.  This episode was actually very interesting, it kicked off introducing us to a woman who started hallucinating seeing several ants crawl over her body.  Nasty. They brought her in, and as usual, the team comes up with several explanations of what it could possibly be.

One of the major explanations was that she was pregnant, but after a quick look see inside her stomach, there wasn’t any visible sign of a child.  House walked up to the patient and started slabbing goo on her, to which she replied in a hilarious way, “Hey, who are you??” House pointed out that she was in fact pregnant, her baby was just inside her………rectum.  So unfortunately, the team had to extract it, in other words, an abortion.

The baby turned out just to be a coincidence, because the woman continued to have problems.  Everyone knows that in an episode of House, hes right, but is really wrong, he guesses, he makes a mistake, and then finally at the end, he gets it right, and is praised.  So it comes to no surprise when we hear she had more complications.  House figured out in the end of the episode that she had a case of “Pretty Leprosy,” or something like that.  Then all was well.

I’d like to now explain the dramatic overall storyline of the episode.  

After two months away from being away from the office, Wilson returned, only to explain that he is running away from his problems.  He said he’s only back for the week, and he will be turning in his resignation shortly.  House took that time to tell Wilson that if he does, it would be an idiotic decision to make. (The word “idiot” was used about 30 times this episode.)  Cuddy told House that in order to keep Wilson working there, he would have to actually have a heart and tell Wilson that he is sorry for what happened to his girlfriend and he felt like crap.  House decided to act like the child that he is and continued calling Wilson an idiot.  He even left the hospital saying he won’t return unless Wilson stays, leaving his team working alone on this case.

He came back to the hospital when Cuddy somehow managed to turn off his cable.  After he, Wilson, and Cuddy had a counceling session, House realized that Cuddy was right.  He went to Wilson in a last effort, he told him that he was sorry, that he felt guilty for what happened to Amber.  Wilson told him that he never blamed him, that he wanted to, but he couldn’t.  In fact he blamed himself for what happened, that it should have been him on the bus instead of her.  About two seconds later, he corrected himself saying House should have been on the bus alone.  Then he totally burned House saying they aren’t friends anymore, and that they never were. 

I have to say.  I love House, I’m glad he’s back to our television screens but, you start to feel bad for the guy after 4 years.  Nothing good ever happens to him.  Oh well!  See you next week, peace out!

Other pictures from this episode. (Click to enlarge)


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