PSYCH: Guy Walks Into a Bank – Recap


Like Monk, Psych also had it’s summer finale Friday.  Also like Monk, it stepped away from its original format for the episode to go a different direction.   This time, Shawn and Gus get themselves caught up in the middle of a bank robbery.

First, Gust walks into the bank.  Then Alan Ruck, otherwise known as Cameron Frye in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off guest starred as the bank robber, Phil.  Although, it doesn’t take Shawn long to find out that Phil wasn’t actually a bad guy, he was just robbing the bank because he had no choice.  You see his wife was kidnapped, and her captors forced him to rob the bank for them, in order for her to live.

Shawn uses his genius detective skills to find out that the men behind the kidnap were actually inside the bank at the time.  The only problem was, he only identified one of the men. Phil was desperate to save his wife, so he took the man Shawn identified into the other room.  Unfortunetly he was ambushed by the other unknown criminal.

Eventually, Shawn and Gus figure everything out (mostly Shawn).  The bad guys are caught and everybody lives happily ever after.  But not without Psych exploring more of it’s dramatic approach.

Jules dating the older guy was kinda gross, no offense, and Shawn knew that too, and he was obviously jealous.  I just want Shawn and Jules together, to end all this nonsense.

On the side, who noticed the pineapple in the bank?  It was on an accountant’s desk shelf, and it zipped by as Shawn and Phil walked.  Man, finding these pineapples are like finding Waldo.  Anyways, we all have to wait till January till Psych returns.  THE COUNTDOWN STARTS NOW! Peace out.


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