MONK: Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized – Recap


Its mid-series finale time for USA’s hit shows, like Monk and Psych. First up is Monk in “Mr. Monk Gets Hypnotized.” This episode, like many this season, was done differently. Apart from its normal format, Monk decided to give Monk a break. Of course it wouldn’t last, but it gave us, as a viewer, more laughs along the way.




There were several aspects to how this show did possess its classic format. It had its main case, Randy had his own mini-story arc, and Monk solves the case, however…Monk was not involved in much of the case at all.

When he was investigating a murder, a familiar face came up to greet him, Mr. Harold Crenshaw. Anyone who is a fan of Monk knows that Harold is Monk’s foe, always has been since the beginning of the series when they began fighting in Dr. Kroger’s office. This time however, he was not acting as a foe. He was acting as a friend, which confused Monk. Harold told him it was because of his new therapist. His new therapist was actually a hypnotist, which explained Harold’s behavior, so that’s when Monk decided to get the same treatment. So he did, and reverted to his own 9 year-old self, where he had no fears, and was always happy.

They had a similar episode of Monk a few seasons ago. Monk took medication which actually healed him of his fears, the only side effect was the fact that even though he was better, he was a terrible detective. The same applied here, he was only a child, not a detective. Though he did make coincidental findings here and there.

I liked Randy’s story this episode. This time, he invented a new gum, “Disher Mint” lol. The flavor of his gum was Diet Raspberry that just sounds gross in itself. Of course that actually played out to be a main detail of the storyline. Which was probably the funniest part of the episode, when after the piece of gum was chewed by Leland, spit on the ground, stepped on by a shoe, walked around, touching every platform of ground possible, then Monk chewed it for five hours! Classic!

The show has been exploring different directions to go with the show. I normally don’t like the format to change, but this episode was just too great. Monk acting like a child won me over. Well I guess I have to wait until January. We’ll miss you, Monk, but you’ll be back, and we’ll be here waiting. Peace Out!




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