PRIVILEGED: Pilot Episode – Recap



I was debating if I should see this or not. It obviously had several feminine characters, which lead me to believe that this show was a “chick flick” of the television world, much like, oh say…Gilmore Girls.

Privileged follows the life of Megan Smith, a writer for a tabloid magazine. Her life is turned upside down when she loses everything, her house, her job, just everything. Her boss however, offers Megan another job, as a tutor to two girls. She is to help the girls get into college.

The job has its positives and negatives. The positive reasons are what keeps her there, she lives in a big fancy mansion, and she works for a very wealthy woman. If she does her job well, she is given $1500 a week. The negative reason is obvious, the main reason for the show, which is the two evil girls. Actually, only one of them is evil. The other would love to get into college, and even did her homework. The only thing dragging her down is her sister.

Now the show is pretty predictable with all that happens throughout the show. The evil girl makes Megan’s life hard, until finally she gets fired, but due to a great speech totally dissing the evil girl, she got her job back, even with a contract making it so she can’t get fired for six whole months.

The show has its laughs here and there. It’s light hearted, and I like it a little. Do I like it enough to continue watching? I really don’t know. I will watch next week, and see if it still has my interest, but If not, I doubt I’ll keep watching. Peace out!


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