PRISON BREAK: Shut Down – Recap

Last time on Prison Break, we learned that Michael, Lincoln, Sucre, Bellick, and Mahone all joined together to stop the company.  If they so chose not to corporate, they all would be sent to prison for a very long time (not that it matters to Michael.)  Also, Sara is alive, Whistler is dead, Mahone’s son is dead, Gretchen was presumed dead, but really is alive.  It was quite a premiere.

“Shut Down” begins right after last week’s episode.  The gang just found out that Scylla wasn’t only one card, but in reality, six cards.  This gets Michael a tad bit upset, and he yells at Agent Don Self for sending them on a wild goose chase.  Don covers his own skin, saying he had no idea, but the deal still goes.  In order for them to be set free, they need to bring him Scylla, in its entirety.

Looking very upset, Mahone took a breather, and called a familiar face, from season two, Agent Lang.   He told her that the company killed his son, and he needs her help with something.  Lincoln, who was apparently going for a walk, overheard everything.

Though he was unable to steal information from the computer card, Roland was able to steal information from a PDA in the same house.  This PDA had an email referring to a meeting in London.  Michael was skeptical about the meaning behind the message, and Mahone told everyone that the message was a code for something else.  The code spelled out “Scylla.”  The meeting was really about Scylla.  So off they went, trying to figure out where the meeting was being held.

Back to the company’s hitman, Wyatt.  Wyatt had Bruce tied down to a chair, and was injecting a strange serum into Bruce’s veins trying to find Michael and Lincoln’s location.  Then, Wyatt started rambling on about how it was such a nice day to go on a picnic.  This went on for the rest of the episode. Back at the office, Don’s boss, played by Michael O’Neill, decided to shut down Don’s operation.

I’m sorry, mam, but we don’t allow decapitated victims in our building. It’s just policy.

The gang’s next plan was to steal another important email regarding the meeting.  Their only problem was the email they needed was hidden inside a highly secure building, so they would need a distraction.  Sara gladly acted as bait, and went into the building alone.  She chatted it up with the guard, and while he was distracted, she handed his security card to Michael and Roland as they headed straight for the building’s electronic database, to find the email.

How do I always manage to get myself in these situations?

Well it isn’t long before Sara is caught, and in trouble.  The first thing that came to Michael’s mind was to make sure Sara was safe, so he pulled the fire alarm.  Sara was able to get out alright, but because Michael pulled the fire alarm, the room he and Roland were inside locked itself, and to prevent any damage from fire, the room automatically began to suck all the oxygen out of the room!  Lincoln isn’t far behind to save his brother, and broke the window with an axe.

Back at Bruce’s house, Wyatt is still injecting the poor old man, and he is still talking about a family picnic.  He even made himself some nice refreshing lemonade to go along with the story!

Well, it’s officially begun.  The operation was shut down, so it was only a matter of time before people start getting caught.  One by one everyone, but Michael (of course), was caught.  First was Sucre and Bellick, who were still hanging out.   Michael and his gang were able to out-chase the agents for a little while, just enough time to find out where the meeting was being held.   Don and all the other agents caught up with them, and off they bolted, everyone was caught, but Michael (because he is a genius).

At the meeting, Michael was able to take a snapshot of what was going on.  Apparently the picture he took had all six card-holders in frame.  So Don let them all go.  Back at Bruce’s house…  Bruce finally gave in.  After getting injected from about 10 syringes, he gave up the brother’s location.  To thank him, Wyatt shot him in the head.

At the warehouse, Mahone looked even more upset than earlier.  In his hands, he was holding what he asked Agent Lang to get for him.  Crime scene photos from his son’s murder.  Lincoln reassured him that they would find his son’s killer, but he needs to stay focused for what’s to come.

That was episode three of Prison Break, season four. I have to say, I like where they are going with this season, its different, but in a good way.  I am intrigued to find out more.  I have only one question, where is LJ and Sofia in all this mess?


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