FRINGE: Pilot – Recap

Holy crap. That is all I have to say about Fringe. I have to be honest, I had no idea what I was about to watch when I tuned into this show. All I knew was that it was another creation by my main man, Mr. J. J. Abrams. First off, everyone will most likely begin talking about the resemblances between this and “The X-Files,” so I’ll go ahead and note my observations between the two.

Who noticed the X-File like flashlights?

  • Both are shows focused on “Fringe” science, otherwise known as the science in Science Fiction (Aliens, Ghosts, Big Foot, etc).
  • Both shows revolve around FBI agents. Only this time it doesn’t start out already working in the sub-division known as “The X-Files,” they are just plain FBI agents. Although agent Broyles acts a bit like Walter Skinner (From the X-Files.) He also offers a job to Olivia. My guess is the X-File job.
  • Another resemblance between the two is the fact that every scene change has a title explaining where they are. Only this isn’t just a static title on the bottom of the screen, this is a much cooler, 3D title that moves along with the video. Niiice.

You cannot, however, say you aren’t going to watch the show because it is so much like “The X-Files” because even though it has it’s similarities, it also has it’s differences.

  • The time frame of this show is more modern, even more advanced.
  • The science in the show is so much more believable then X-Files.
  • Unlike “The X-Files,” each episode had its own feel, it had an overall back-story, but not huge. In Fringe, something big is happening, the “pattern” they keep talking about.
  • I hate to say it, but the acting was done a whole lot better, kept me intrigued.
  • Last but not least, Fringe is so much more intense and action packed then “The X-Files” ever was.

Fringe revolves around the life of agent Olivia Dunham, an FBI agent whose first case in the series is about a strange biological incident that happened in a plane while in mid-flight. This incident left everyone on the plane dead; with their skin peeled off their bones (It was sick, but so awesome).

Upon further investigation, Agent Dunham and John (her partner), went to a shipment facility to try and find the chemicals that were responsible for whatever happened in the plane. John got to the correct place first, but the guy inside bolted, and Olivia was too far behind, as the unknown guy John was chasing blew John up, into little bits. Well, not really, but that’s what I was thinking.

As it turns out, John was caught up in some crazy mojo. Some bad chemicals touched his body, and presto, his skin was see-through. That part got my interest, so I had to keep watching. Olivia couldn’t let this slide, so she went to Iraq to grab Peter Bishop (Played by Joshua Jackson). She needed his help releasing a man from an insane asylum.

So they did. You see the man they broke out was Dr. Walter Bishop, Peter’s father (A.K.A. Dr. Frankenstein), who is a brilliant doctor, but at the same time…is completely bonkers. Olivia needed Walter’s help to find out whatever happened to her hunny bunny, so she can save his life. Walter suggested her to get inside John’s head, which literally meant that she had to get…inside…John’s head. With the help of LSD of course.

At this point, I’m thinking the only purpose Joshua Jackson serves is a good character that just throws sarcastic remarks here and there. Anyways, Olivia finds out who set off the bombs at the shipment facility. It turns out, this guy was in the plane that everyone died on, but he wasn’t. Oooooh, Twilight Zone crap here.

So this is where we learn Joshua Jackson is actually useful as he helps stop the guy, after running over a couple rooftops, of course. After he won’t say anything in custody, Peter full on pulls a Jack Bauer, and smashes the guy’s hands with a coffee cup to talk.

Caffeine will kill ya! ~ Jim Carrey in Batman Forever

So the guy gave up the information they needed to save John’s life, just in time too, cause that guy was looking very transparent. So it works, John lives, and everyone lives happily ever after, the end. NOT! Here comes the twist, John’s really a bad guy out to kill the dude who I still can’t remember his name, who is….a good guy? A little confusing.

So Olivia figures this all out with the recording of a phone call, and has a super-awesome car chase with John, eventually leading to a car flipping over and, John’s dead. Or is he?

Overall, I had a lot of fun watching this episode, but I can’t help the fact that I was very confused with a lot of what was going on. Then again, it is a pilot, and those tend to be confusing some times. I’ll see how it goes next week. Peace out!

Oh, and this guy scared the crap out of me!


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